Unconventional Summer Dates for 2017!


Unconventional Summer Dates

Singles, summer is the most fun time to be dating, whether you live on Long Island or in Manhattan. If your social life is getting stale, check out our options to make dating more exciting this summer. Here are our 5 top picks for something new for you to try out with your date. Happy summer!

  1. Go to Union Square (E 14th St) and walk (yes, walk.. It will help you get to know each other!) to your bar or happy hour destination and on the way back, go to the famous hot-spot, Artichoke Pizza (which is also located on E 14th St). It is cash only, but absolutely worth it! If you’re looking for a more intimate type of date, but still want to go to a bar and have gay friends; go to a gay bar! Maureen has seen countless times that straight couples go to gay bars because they don’t want to be in a masculine-feminine competing environment.
  2. Lucy’s (Avenue A, E 9th St). This is a great dive bar where you can get to play pool and really get to know one another! It’s a relaxed environment, but the pool competition helps the couple to communicate with each other and learn about their personality. The friendly vibe of the bar helps to take the pressure off of the first date!
  3. Take a trip to the east end of Long Island and go to a winery, like Greenport Village. The trip to the winery will allow you two to get to know each other and while you’re down there go to the world famous Harbes, corn and pies mom-and-pop shop. This country-esque date will show that you’re both down to earth and up to show your vulnerability. The corn and pies aren’t as glamorous as the winery, but allowing the messy side of you to come out will show that you’re not afraid to look silly by getting pie & corn on your face.
  4. Witches Brew (cash only) in West Hempstead. This quaint, spooky, and magical cafe is the perfect spot for first dates, and even great for groups of couples. The scene is filled with 20-somethings looking to get exotic milkshakes and desserts; older couples see the Witches Brew as a getaway from the typical date spots because it provides a twist to typical hot spots. The quirky couches and dim lit cauldrons fill the room with the perfect ambiance for intimacy and communication.
  5. Visit the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center in Long Island City if you or your partner are interested in a atristic-afternoon date. The graffiti city (300+ pieces) is located in LIC; take the time to enjoy the new up and becoming Queens area by taking advantage of the new influx of restaurants and nightlife.

Maureen Tara Nelson says that there is no such thing as a perfect location for a date, but only communicative chemistry between the two that makes you think the date is perfect. So, make sure you focus more on the chemistry between the two in the context of the location, and not the location in context of the chemistry. And most importantly, have fun!

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