Long Island’s only executive level Certified Matchmaker

Maureen Tara Nelson Owner, MTN Matchmaking Inc.
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Our Exclusive Matchmaking Services

Find your soulmate with the help of Maureen Tara Nelson

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Maureen Tara Nelson has more than 22 years of experience and has personally matched over 1,000 clients across Long Island and Manhattan. In 2023 MTN Matchmaking Services began taking on national clients too! If you’re ready for love and commitment, MTN Matchmaking Services are here for you.

We know the two components of finding the perfect match are Chemistry and Compatibility. MTN Matchmaking, Inc. will show you why internet dating is ineffective in achieving those romantic goals and why Matchmaking Services are your best option for finding your perfect soulmate.

MTN in the Media

The world is talking about MTN... Take a look


With more than 22 years of experience and over 1,000 success stories, it’s no surprise that our founder and Matchmaker in-chief Maureen Tara Nelson is making waves in the media. Here’s a selection of her recent appearances.


Good Morning New York FOX 5

ABC7 News and MTN Matchmaking => Dating After Breast Cancer

MTN Matchmaking’s Maureen Tara Nelson and PIX 11 News Talk About Andrew Cuomo and Cuomosexuality

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Dating News

What’s new with MTN Matchmaking?

We are happy to announce our MTN Matchmaking Ireland international Program for all Irish singles living in Ireland that would like to find love and move to New York or Long Island to get married ☘️.

We also attended the famous Irish festival in September in Lisdoonvarna, hosted by Ireland’s famous third-generation Matchmaker Willie Daly. We are extremely grateful for the huge welcome we received, and my 21 year dream is now checked off my bucket list.

We scouted out all the Irish singles there and we had a private, special gift for Mr. Daly, Ireland’s last traditional Matchmaker ☘️.

We are celebrating our grand reopening (After Covid) of our MTN Matchmaking NYC program for all Irish and Irish American singles. Call us for details.

Did you know our owner Maureen Tara Nelson, has been New York’s Irish American Matchmaker for 21 years?

What The Papers Are Saying

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Our Services

Here at MTN we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of executive-level Matchmaking services to our clients. Our team goes above and beyond to tailor each and every Matchmaking experience to you, ensuring that you have the very best chances of finding that special someone.


Trial Program

Our trial program raises the bar from online dating platforms. This is perfect for singles in their 20s, entering the single world, looking for a committed relationship or marriage, and is designed as an introduction to our program for a minimal cost.


Deluxe Program

The deluxe program is designed for singles that are financially stable but have a limited budget. This program includes dating and coaching by one of our team members. All the details of dating coaching will be explained in-detail during your interview.


VIP Program

This program offers unlimited matches and one of our Matchmakers will be your dating coach. All the details of these advantages will be explained during your interview. This program offers the most value for our clients that are financially stable.


Elite Program

The elite program is designed for very financially stable singles wishing to meet singles that are all very financially stable. Dating coaching is provided by Maureen Tara Nelson, the owner of MTN Matchmaking. Each client receives personal marketing, where in addition to our 2,000 plus clients, Maureen and her Matchmakers market our Elite clients at every event they attend (typically 1-3 events each week). Clients also receive priority selection over other clients and have access to the newest clients first.


Celebrity Program

Celebrities on Long Island and Manhattan, as well as throughout the country, benefit from MTN Matchmaking’s very private and confidential top-notch services. It is up to the client if they want their photo and name discussed at all prior to their meeting. This program is personalized and tailored towards the needs of each particular celebrity. Unlike other services that range from $10,000 to $100,000, our celebrity program is a fraction of that. Why? This is our way of proving that we are in this business simply to help people find love.

I don’t remember if I thanked you for not only all the wonderful matches you found for me but the education in romance and dating. I learned so many things. They include how to be a better date. Also, bringing out the best in those I was matched with. I was inspired by your positive attitude and words of wisdom. If I have previously thanked you then thanks again. I check my email rarely and am very happy I did today and saw yours. Tons of love!


MTN Matchmaking Client

Absolutely love this service! I met Maureen on a late Saturday afternoon and she took three hours to get to know me. She asked me many interesting questions and took the time to get to know the real me! She gave me valuable dating coaching that day that I’ve used many times in my daily life. This woman truly has a gift. I was very nervous and she took me hand and told me we are a team. I am thrilled that it only took me three matches to find my Mr. Wonderful. My guy told me he felt the same way about Maureen and couldn’t believe it himself how quick the process was. I was his second match. We both are very appreciative at the level of expertise that goes into the matching process. My advice to anyone who is nervous out there is to just meet Maureen. She is the best Matchmaker and dating coach in the industry. My friend went to others and had disastrous results. Maureen was always professional, positive, kind and compassionate. I will never forget my first interview with Maureen. I left there feeling like I made a new friend, as well as hiring a Matchmaker. I am very thankful that I gave this a chance. Thank you doesn’t seem enough Maureen. You are very good at what you do and make people’s dreams come true.


MTN Matchmaking Client

…within 3 weeks of meeting with you, my whole life started changing. When I met you, you told me what happens in the outside world in 2 years happens in 6 months here-that is absolutely true. Three weeks after I came to you I was introduced to the love of my life…”
Testimonial from Tina, “I am giddy with joy about the recent meeting I had with my former Matchmaker and still friend, Maureen Tara Nelson. After making several of my own bad choices in relationships, I decided to call upon Maureen’s expertise once again. Meeting with me in person and at length, Maureen meticulously went about determining who I needed and wanted in a life partner in her inimitable way. All the information she gathers will be used to make the best match possible for me. In my strong opinion, MTN Matchmaking provides one of the most priceless services around…helping you find THE ONE! I am looking forward to future success with my current Matchmaker and forever friend, Maureen Tara Nelson.


MTN Matchmaking Client

I am giddy with joy about the recent meeting I had with my former Matchmaker and still friend, Maureen Tara Nelson. After making several of my own bad choices in relationships, I decided to call upon Maureen’s expertise once again. Meeting with me in person and at length, Maureen meticulously went about determining who I needed and wanted in a life partner in her inimitable way. All the information she gathers will be used to make the best match possible for me. In my strong opinion, MTN Matchmaking provides one of the most priceless services around…helping you find THE ONE! I am looking forward to future success with my current Matchmaker and forever friend, Maureen Tara Nelson.


MTN Matchmaking Client

Maureen, you are an inspiration to all women who have had a challenge in their life, and have over came it with dignity and grace. While you were recuperating, Paul did ask me to marry him. Without you, I never would have met such a wonderful man. Although it took me a little longer than Paul, it was definitely worth the wait. Paul still teases me that I was his first match. Thank you and we are both so happy you are healthy and back to doing what you do best…Matchmaking!


MTN Matchmaking Client

I need to thank you and your wonderful staff for finding me the love of my life. George asked me to marry him this past weekend. You will now be getting all of my beautiful friends as clients. Thank you so much


MTN Matchmaking Client

Thank you for finding me the love of my life. I appreciate you very much for being so patient and honest with me, and telling me the truth the times when I needed to hear it, but didn’t want to. God knows how you put up with me, but you did. You were professional and positive every step of the way and proved to me how being positive really does bring on positive results.


MTN Matchmaking Client

Well, you found him for me on your first match. I don’t know how you did it, but THANK YOU!


MTN Matchmaking Client

Ms. Nelson who put aside another client to meet with me as she heard the heartbreak in my voice, immediately made me feel important. Constantly encouraging me, supporting me and advising me. Thank you for your support, friendship, and your constant vigilance in assuring me that I would someday find my soul mate! I love you to death and admire the fact that you care so much for me (and all your other clients) and you are willing to do whatever it takes to help us with one of the biggest decisions in life—a life partner!!!!!!! Love your client (and friend)


MTN Matchmaking Client

It has been almost a year, and who would have thought that after meeting with you once, you would have been able to pick out the perfect person for us. We are now planning our wedding for the fall. Thank you!

Christine & Joe

MTN Matchmaking Client

Thank you Maureen for matching me with Brendan. I saw from the first date that he was the one for me. I just got the news we are getting engaged this Christmas. You are great at what you do!


MTN Matchmaking Client

I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your Matchmaking skills. I was using Internet dating for years and only met with players. My first match was with David, and you nailed it right on the head. He was everything I asked you for. A million thanks to you. He asked me to marry him last night, and I wanted you to know that after we told our parents, you were the next person we told!


MTN Matchmaking Client

Maureen thank you for making me feel so comfortable in your program. I know I was hesitant the first day, but after seeing all your awards you won on your wall, really made me feel at ease. During the six months until you matched me with Jim, you and your staff were so amazing. I wish every business in New York did business the way you do. You truly put the client first. I accepted Jim’s proposal this Valentine’s Day.


MTN Matchmaking Client

I can’t even think of the words to tell you how happy John and I are with each other. Thank you for suggesting that we give it a few dates, since I was so nervous on our first date, if you didn’t suggest another one, we might not be getting married this Christmas. But thanks to your expert dating coaching, we are. Thank you.


MTN Matchmaking Client

I hope you remember Mark and myself. Mark called me the first time and told me he thought I was really cute. We talked for three hours laughing and getting into topics I’d only discuss with a close friend and lots of coincidences between us. After such a short time, he has already moved in to me. We are planning to go down the aisle one last time as THIS time we both got it right! I felt it was very important for you to know about our Fairytale Love. Please continue doing what you do to “match” people up as it IS the “Gift” God has Blessed you with. Every one deserves to feel what we do.


MTN Matchmaking Client

Grant and I thank you so much for giving us the greatest gift in the world, finding Love with each other. At 41 I never thought I would get married and have a child, I had given up on that wish. You gave me the confidence to stay positive. Our baby was born last month. I’ve been too busy with my infant to write sooner. This is the greatest “busy” I’ve ever been. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I hope you received the picture of Avery we sent you. All our love!


MTN Matchmaking Client

Are you a single professional living on Long Island looking for someone like yourself? Before you think you need to spend $15,000 or more for an upscale Matchmaking Service, see how they compare with MTN Matchmaking, Inc.️ I wasted an exorbitant amount of money to a company that claimed to have only the best singles on Long Island and I received only golddiggers with the worst plastic surgery. Then I saw a commercial with the owner herself, Maureen Tara Nelson and scheduled a FaceTime appointment with her. I can’t even describe in words the difference between interviewing with a sales person who has a title of a Matchmaker, and with the owner of a company who has 21 years experience…I met my perfect match on Maureen’s 5th person she matched me up with. I gave Maureen a check for $8000 a few months ago and now that I am getting engaged, I told her she needs to raise her prices. She said no!She said she likes not being in this business for the money, and the only way she can prove it is by having the highest screening process, and also the lowest prices.If you are like me and are tired of golddiggers and wasting time and money on the wrong people, give Maureen a call. I needed to be in her highest program because I didn’t want anyone knowing I needed a Matchmaker, but she has a program for everyone, even my 25 year old cousin for only $1000. Call her and you won’t be disappointed.

45 y.o. Athlete

Dear Maureen, How do I properly thank someone who went above and beyond for me from the beginning until the day I told her I am getting engaged? I would like everyone Single to know, if you are a very busy guy and do not have time for the games on the Internet, and are looking for a lady with beauty and brains, then call Maureen Tara Nelson. I met the most beautiful women and have remained friends with many of them. I did take Maureen’s advice and give most a chance. I could not have ever met such amazing singles on my own. Thank you Maureen for being so professional and upbeat during my dating process. I will refer all my friends to you. Best to you! Chad

MTN Matchmaking Client Chad

Dear Maureen, I would like to thank you for everything you have done in pursuit of finding me a wife. From the beginning interview, coming to my office because you knew my concerns of keeping my personal life private, to offering me a program where my privacy was protected, and introducing me to many beautiful and intelligent ladies which I did not have the exposure to meeting on my own, and making sure each one… was compatible to me and had my prerequisites that we had gone over in detail, for answering all of my questions and concerns during the dating process and Lastly, finding me the perfect girl whom I love with all my heart and who loves me. This was the greatest six months of my life. Thank you so much for your professionalism and for delivering even more than I had ever expected. Not only did you do all this and made it look easy, which I know it wasn’t, but at a fraction of the cost of the Matchmakers in Manhattan that I checked out before seeing you. Thank you. T.

MTN Matchmaking Client T

Maureen I would like to thank you and your staff for working so hard on finding me my future wife. We both came to you after being very frustrated with the Internet. You laid out for me the exact plan of action. I met a lot of very beautiful women, although some of them did not take your dati…ng advice, most of them did. It was very nice meeting so many bright, beautiful women. Once I met Ellen, I asked you to immediately stop matching me. I had a certain feeling that she was the one. In only 6 short months I proposed to her on New Year’s Eve. She accepted. We both want to thank you for always being professional, positive, and dedicated to what you do. If it wasn’t for you and your program, we would not be getting married. I say to everyone using the Internet, you will waste months and months of dating the wrong people, whereas if you try MTN Matchmaking and take Maureen’s advice, she will never steer you wrong. Happy new year to all at MTN Matchmaking.

MTN Matchmaking Client Tommy

Good Morning Ladies, I like to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to Maureen and her staff. My experiences with the dating service has been nothing short of outstanding. The office staff is always there to answer my calls, and I’m currently dating a super amazing woman, thanks to Maureen. I am available as a reference point if you ever need me. Once again thank you for your time and courtesy.

MTN Matchmaking Client Michael

This is to personally thank the very professional, positive and attentive staff at MTN Matchmaking. Every one of you were a pleasure to work with and I know and realize how difficult your jobs must be. As you know I only came into your service because you made my best friend successful. I used to meet women all the time, but there was always one or two things that just weren’t right. I appreciate all the advice, recommendations and support I received from all of you. I really didn’t think I would get married through your service, I just always looked at it as another way to meet attractive girls. This program ended up being a hundred times better than I ever thought. You really did all the work for me, as you said you would and you made it even fun. Now that I am successful too, I thought I would pay it forward and tell all the guys out there if they are looking for beauty and brains, then go to MTN Matchmaking. I don’t know how she does it all, but Maureen and her staff are the best. Thank you all.

MTN Matchmaking Client Andrew

I told Maureen if she could make me successful, I would tell every single guy out there about it, so here it goes…I came into her service not because I couldn’t find attractive women, but because I am a very picky guy and didn’t want to settle. I was tired of the liars on the Interent and didn’t want to waste anymore time meeting dysfunctional woman. I was skeptical as I am sure everyone is, but after meeting with Maureen I knew she was the real deal. She set me up with one beautiful girl after another, and I enjoyed every bit of this process, but my last match was THE ONE. Maureen called me before making the match to tell me she had a great feeling about the two of us, and she was right. It only took us six months before I knew I wanted to marry her. Thank you Maureen and your very professional staff for all you did. I know Matchmaking isn’t easy. You all put up with a lot of XXXX I am sure, but you never let it get you down. The best thing about this program is the fact that all the girls I met were smart, beautiful and had their act together. Even with all the things that I thought I brought to the table, I realize now that I could have never found Brittany on my own. Well you did it Maureen and we both thank you very much. Again, I don’t know how you do it…you always are happy!

MTN Matchmaking Client Jim

First I would like to thank you for finding me the perfect girl. When I saw the beautiful girl you found my friend, and all the attractive girls you had sent to him, I thought why not. I never thought you would be able to make me successful as quickly as you did. Every single girl you sent me, was beautiful and smart. I feel very lucky that I came into your program. I want all the guys out there to know that if they are looking for the most attractive, smart, successful girls in NY, they need to come to you. Thank you again for all your help. Your staff was a huge help to me as well. You all are the best. Will you come to our wedding?

MTN Matchmaking Client Brandon

Maureen I promised you I would do this for you if this worked for me. I had wasted thousands of dollars in other services over the years because of my very busy medical practice.None of them came even close to providing all you do for your clients, and at a fraction of the cost. I work 80 hours a week and do not have the time or energy to try to find a beautiful, smart, sexy woman on my own. I tried Internet dating and once the women found out I was a successful surgeon, that’s all they cared about. Plus the fact that none of them looked like their photos. I would never entertain the idea of going to a bar to look for a woman. You found me exactly what I was looking for in six months. You are unbelievable. And you are great at what you do, and it is because you care so much for your clients. I hope everyone appreciates all your hard work. Thank you Maureen and your incredible staff. You are all true Professionals. I give you an A+.

MTN Matchmaking Client Joseph

Before I even thank you for matching with the most beautiful girl, and for putting up with my busy lifestyle, and for being so patient with me because I was so demanding, (ha ha), I have to tell you how proud I am of you as a businesswoman, mother of two kids, Matchmaker putting up with over 1000 clients, all while you had breast cancer. My Mom had it years ago and handled it with grace, just like you! Everyone should know your story. I’ve told you before, you need to write another book. I don’t know how you had the strength to go through the very invasive surgery, recuperate, and return already back to working around the clock- all within two months. You really are an inspiration, and a beautiful woman, both inside and out. As I told you the day we met, if I was unsuccessful in finding someone, you would have to marry me…well I am happy to tell you that you are off the hook. You were dead on with Paula with everything I asked for. I will just say, everything you told me to do the day we met, you were right! I am now the happiest guy alive. Thank you Maureen for being such a positive person and a great Matchmaker. HEY GUYS!!! IF YOU ARE BUSY WITH YOUR CAREERS LIKE I AM AND ALWAYS SAID YOU WERE TOO BUSY TO COME IN FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO MEET WITH MAUREEN, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS MEET WITH HER ONE TIME PERSONALLY. YOU WILL FIND HER JUST AS AMAZING AS I DID.

MTN Matchmaking Client Mathew

Maureen please post my success on your website. I was with you for only six short months. In that short amount of time, I got to meet the love of my life Mary, as well as get to know a very amazing women, my Matchmaker Maureen. Your technique of finding ones match based upon compatibility is amazing. Thank you also for being such a caring dating coach during the process. You were always there for me to answer any of my questions. I had a very tall order for you when I came in. You not only met those requirements, but exceeded them. When you told me and the rest of your clients you had breast cancer, I am sure everyone felt the same shock and worry as I did. I got to know you very well during my time with you. I want every one to know that even while you were recuperating from your surgery, you would call me from your home to guide me with my dating process. You are a class act. You are a very strong lady. Your dedication to your clients and your business is A+. I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to see how fantastic you look and to know that you are 100% cancer free and healthy. You even look better now than before. Your children should be very proud of you. My sister went through what you did and I can honestly say, I am amazed at how you got through it all so quickly. You made it look so easy (I know it wasn’t, but you made it look that way.) I am proud to be your client, and your next success story. But most of all, I am proud to call you my friend. God Bless You!

MTN Matchmaking Client Frank

I am an attorney and also a recent success story of Maureen Tara Nelson Private Matchmaking. I chose Maureen’s service because out of every other service in NY, she has the most experience, and has the most success stories. When you go into her office, as I did, you see all the success stories on her walls. I went into other Matchmaking services and saw none of these positive stories. What I found with the other services when I went in to see them, was either a pushy sales rep, or a company that didn’t offer half of what Maureen’s program does at triple the price. I can promise you, if you follow the program as I did, the program is great and much better than any other service in NY at a fraction of the cost. Thank you Maureen Tara Nelson for doing such a great job in finding me my beautiful wife.” – Brad

MTN Matchmaking Client Brad

I just want to say thanks for a wonderful match. Siobhan is such a beautiful and lovely person in every way and we make a very fine couple. I am so lucky to have met her and wanted to thank you for bringing us together. As you well know, when two people find each other unlimited possibilities exist and now we can go forward as a couple and enjoy life as it is truly meant to be. So although the road to get here was difficult until I heard of your service, once I joined, the payout is tremendous and well worth the journey. Thank you for always being there for me. I don’t know how you ever put up with me. You truly are the most patient person I know.

MTN Matchmaking Client Greg

Maureen I am going to tell everyone I know how excellent your service is. You matched me up with Roslynn and we have been together every day since we met. Now I know why compatibility and chemistry are both so important, as you mentioned. You hit a home run on this one, and I plan on asking her Father this weekend for her hand in marriage.

MTN Matchmaking Client Paul

Maureen, you should tell every guy out there, if they have exhausted all possibilities of meeting girls from their friends, they should come to you. You’re like having a friend with lots of single, pretty girlfriends!

MTN Matchmaking Client MH

I went to Maureen’s Matchmaking service recently. I admit to having been skeptical about this type of service. However, when you meet and talk with Ms. Nelson, the genuine nature of her personality shows her commitment to her profession. Therefore, any skepticism quickly goes away. As a result, Maureen Tara Nelson’s services are recommended to anyone who is serious about finding their match.

MTN Matchmaking Client Daniel

I met the most beautiful girl in the world from you, who is not only compatible to me, as you promised, but I have so much chemistry with her. I can never thank you enough for finding me my soul mate.

MTN Matchmaking Client Bob

Thank you for matching me with the most beautiful woman in the world. You really have saved my life.

MTN Matchmaking Client the former owner of the Rosyln Country Club

I have to admit when you met me and told me you knew I would have very quick success, I was a little apprehensive. But you were right. You really know your stuff. As promised to you, my buddies will now be joining your service as well. Thank you Maureen.

MTN Matchmaking Client Curtis

Thank you so much Maureen for finding me my soul mate. Jenny and I just went ring shopping.

MTN Matchmaking Client Bruce

I wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for all the great advice you gave me through this process. You were right when I initially said no to Karen and you told me how beautiful she is and that I was “crazy.” When I saw her I was shocked at how beautiful she is. We have been dating for over six months now and are very happy. I hope everyone realizes that you also are a huge help to your clients during the matching process. This was not what I expected. It was so much more. Please put me on hold with Karen. Thank you again!

MTN Matchmaking Client Fred

I’m sure in your line of business and having over 1000 clients you must run across a lot of people that are hard to deal with. I just wanted to thank you and your great staff for always being so positive and professional with me. I would imagine people don’t usually take the time to actually thank you for all you do. I see what you do for all of us. I’ve had five great dates with girls that I will definitely stay friends with. My sixth match is the one! She is perfect in every way. She even told me that you made a special call into her telling her how perfect we are for each other, and that is why she said yes to me. You are the best. I want every one out there to know how personalized this service is, and how you changed my life forever!

MTN Matchmaking Client Frank

I have to take the time to personally thank you for all the extra things to do for your clients to help make them successful like you did for me and Laura. I am asking Laura to be my wife this Christmas, so any last minute dating coaching would be greatly appreciated. But seriously Maureen, I personally own a business so I know all the challenges that you must go through. Throughout the entire process of my being a client with you, both Laura and I feel that you are amazing at what you do. Everyone should know what great hands they are in if they really are ready to meet a beautiful, serious minded person. The best place they can be is in your hands and that of your fantastic, professional staff. Thanks so much.

MTN Matchmaking Client Bill

I don’t know how you do what you do, but thank you for doing it. You put up with me, which wasn’t easy I know. Anyone else would have given up on me. I realize now that I should have been extra nice to you to find someone extra special quicker, but just when I thought of it, you sent me a beautiful girl who I knew from her picture that she was the one for me. I followed all of your rules and suggestions at that point so I wouldn’t screw up this great opportunity. Wow, now I realize why you have those do’s and don’ts. Once I saw her I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She told me later she felt the same way. On Valentine’s Day this year, I asked her to marry me. I am happy to say that she said yes. Thank you so much for changing my life. I am the happiest and luckiest man in the world. Thank you Maureen.

MTN Matchmaking Client Michael

Wow, Maureen. As I mentioned to you when I met you, I have no problem meeting women, but am just very busy with my law practice and don’t want to meet a gold digger. You assured me you have the sexiest and prettiest women in your program. You were right. After meeting and going out with two beautiful women, who are even my friends now, I met a woman who is probably the sexiest woman in New York. We’ve been dating six months now and I’m going to propose this Christmas. You were right…I could never have found such an amazing woman on my own who shares all the same qualities as I have. Thanks from a very picky guy in New York.

MTN Matchmaking Client Greg

I apologize for being the most skeptical client you probably ever interviewed. As you know I was concerned that the Matchmaking Industry has such a bad rap. Being as busy as I am, I didn’t have time to waste with a service that wasn’t going to work. I am so glad I came in and met you. I had faith in you and your service after meeting you only for 5 minutes. Amy was only my fourth match with you. You did exactly what you said you would do and more. Take me out of your service, we are getting married. Thank you again Maureen. It’s great to see that you only focus on the positive. Guys, if you are busy and successful and skeptical like I was, don’t be. Meet Maureen and you’ll be as happy as I am.

MTN Matchmaking Client Ted

In my opinion, Maureen Tara Nelson always went above and beyond for me. I was too busy to waste time on the Internet, and didn’t want to spend $20,000 with those Matchmakers in the city that only charge the men. For a fraction of the cost, I received the greatest matches. Every one of the ladies I said yes to were beautiful, smart and successful. In one month, I found THE ONE! This service is worth every penny. It also saves you very valuable time and thousands of dollars.

MTN Matchmaking Client Jimmy

Robin and I have been on nine dates and getting closer. Of course we talk about the fact that we never would’ve met on our own. It took a titan, a true powerhouse of the dating industry to put us together. That would be you, and your fine staff. And of course, this is why your agency does important work. I’m a happy guy, and I have you to thank!

MTN Matchmaking Client Andy

I want to thank the most compassionate Matchmaker in New York for making me successful in finding the most beautiful lady. The professionalism you have shown me over the past few months is so much appreciated. I came to you after a divorce and I really didn’t think this would work. You gave me dating advice and kept me in a positive state of mind all throughout this process. You made me feel like a superstar the day I came into the office. You are the most genuine and caring person I have ever met. Everything you said would happen, did happen. Words can’t express how easy and fun this process was for me. Your method of matching personally based upon compatibility really works. I hope every guy who gets divorced and thinks they will never find love again, comes to you. If Maureen can find me love again, believe me, she can do it for you. You will never find anyone more dedicated to making you success in finding love than Maureen.

MTN Matchmaking Client Gary
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Breast Cancer: The Best Long Island Team of Experts

Here's a tip from Maureen on how to win the fight against breast cancer. If you or a friend is ever diagnosed with breast cancer, the first order of business is to develop your team of experts beginning with the...