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MTN Matchmaking: Boca | MTN Comes to Boca Raton!



MTN Matchmaking: Boca


Maureen Tara Nelson is no longer just Long Island’s matchmaker. She opened up her long-time dream office in Boca Raton, Florida! We’re happy to finally announce this new branch, MTN Matchmaking: Snowbird to the MTN family of programs. It’s for people who spend their winters in Florida, and their summers in the New York/ Long Island area. In addition to this wonderful news, we are also revamping and renewing our office in Manhattan!


If you are single and living part-time between Florida and New York, make sure to call: 1-888-31-MATCH to utilize our Grand Opening Program. Also, email: maureen@2h7.597.myftpupload.com with your phone number, name, and location to inquire about our Grand Opening Event in Boca Raton where we will be celebrating our new branch! We only have a select number of tickets to give out, so make sure to call/email as soon as possible.






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