When Should You Date Again? Answered by Maureen Tara Nelson


When Should You Date Again?

The common consensus for getting back into the dating scene, after a break up is around half the time you’ve been together. Though, there is a gray area surrounding long-term relationships; Glamour Magazine claims recovery would be around 3-4 months (glamour article).

Maureen Tara Nelson suggests dipping into the dating pool only a couple weeks after the breakup, to matriculate back into the social scene. MTN explains that over her 16 years of experience in matchmaking, “The best way to heal a broken heart is to hop back on the horse.” Though, Maureen doesn’t suggest you date the day after your breakup; she suggests slowly adjusting back into the scene as to help you move on from your past. It’s vital that we open our minds to who we date in the future, as to not repeat the same mistakes from our past relationships.

Looking for the same type of man from your past would only resurface old tendencies, create meaningless conflict, and not allow you to love, the right way, again because you’re subconsciously filling that void with the same person. Over time Maureen used her relationship expertise to aid conflicted singles on their dating lives. She has analyzed her singles’ experiences and concluded that it is best to re-enter the dating world by grabbing life by the horns.

Before dating, you should look back on your mistakes or else you will just constantly repeat them. Make sure to be critical about your mistakes, while still acknowledging that you’re allowed to be flawed and misstep. But most importantly, make sure that you’re emotionally prepared to date again, or else your new relationship will suffer.

Maureen found that men get back into the dating world quicker than women. Women need to realize that there is no reason to sit home hiding from someone that doesn’t want a relationship anymore. Get yourself out there and live life to the fullest because it goes by quickly. The best medicine for a broken heart is to find love again.

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