The Dangers of Texting Too Soon with Maureen Tara Nelson


Texting before you have time to get to know one another is a big no-no

Two people feel relaxed when texting one another because the stress of talking face-to-face is absent, though this is extremely dangerous in the beginning of a relationship because it can allow you to feel too comfortable, too soon, leading you to reveal too much!

Daily Urbanista says that texting can cause multiple problems in a budding relationship, like texting intimate details, expecting them to respond immediately, and using good morning/good night texts too soon. Constant interaction through text messaging is the plight of a new relationship. You need to create space and boundaries around texting, and initiate phone calls more often than texting. Phone calls are more intimate. There’s a reason there are phone-sex lines, and not text-sex lines. Calling your partner over the phone shows that you want to hear their voice by taking your time to listen to them; texting sporadically over the day without any thought into what you are going to say will dull your meaning.

Now that we’re in the 21st century, FaceTime calls are more popular than phone calls, and could be used for more intimate communication, but we must move from phone calls to video calls, as to not jump into direct communication over the internet because it could ruin your mystique. Maureen suggests that you use phone calls as the primary mode of communication before your first date, and as time goes by, slowly integrate text messages, and then video calls. She always believes that phone calls are the key to good communication between people because it takes the pressure off the relationship; this allows you to leave the texting at home, which will benefit you in you in the future.

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