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Ask MTN Matchmaking!

I have a boyfriend that won’t stop playing his PlayStation

” I have a boyfriend that won’t stop playing his PlayStation. Even when we’re in bed, he’s playing video games. I can’t take this anymore because it’s taking time away from our relationship..How do I resolve this before throwing the damn thing out my window? “

( Female, 29, Long Island )

Okay. I get this a lot, so I have to be very clear. He probably wont stop playing the stupid game. Make sure you bring up how you feel neglected, and tell him how you’re fine with him playing video games, but he needs to know when and where to play it. Also, you should compromise when you can–make sure to have a magazine, nail kit, or iPad handy for when he decides to play video games. Relationships are all about compromise; once you find that happy middle ground, things run smooth as butter.

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