Why You Shouldn’t Date When You’re Home for the Holidays | MTN Matchmaking Tips

Why You Shouldn’t Date When You’re Home for the Holidays | MTN Matchmaking Tips

Make sure you put your positive energy, declarative statements, and/or prayer into settling for more, and knowing your worth. You want someone who can be there for you full time, and that requires commitment and knowing what you want.

Don’t go home for the holidays and get strings attached with someone, when you know it will be hard to cut the rope and go back to regular life. Going home for the holidays is stressful enough; when you start up a relationship away from home you embark into “long distance” territory, and if you are exclusive, it can be harder. 

At MTN Matchmaking we pride ourselves on providing compatible, hand selected matches who are looking for a serious relationship, and a person to share their life and heart. 

Know when to settle for more! Call 1-888-31MATCH 

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