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can love survive the 2020 election? 




The 2020 Presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is placing strain on relationships as couples cope with opposing viewpoints on political issues.  Conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats have become so invested in the 2020 election — and their hate, or love, of President Donald Trump — that it is interfering with first dates and even causing rifts in long-term relationships.  Topics, especially the coronavirus pandemic, has divided people as Republicans and Democrats just cannot seem to agree, harming the desirability, trust, and confidence in a partner’s decision-making ability.  Singles are fearful of political differences, especially if your opinions are perceived as differing from the mainstream, e.g. a Republican in a blue city like New York, or a Democrat in a red-state.


According to recent statistics, over 80% of Americans will not consider dating someone with differing political views.  Nearly 40% of singles think politics is too risky to bring up on a first date, according to recent polling. Maureen Tara Nelson has been at the forefront of this growing issue in the dating world. Recently being mentioned and probed in the New York Times article, “Can Love Survive This Election?” MTN establishes that singles can’t date them [the opposing political party] if they hate them. 




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