The Top 5 Excuses Singles Make to Put Off Finding Love by Maureen Tara Nelson


The Top 5 Excuses Singles Make to Put Off Finding Love

  1. Will I Be Good Enough?
    Never let this question stop you from finding love! This is a common fear that many people have, but never admit to. The answer is, of course you are good enough! Once you put aside your fear, which is very normal to feel, you will be very happy once you get yourself out there dating and meeting new people-remember, it only takes one!
  2. Should I Wait to Have More Money?
    When it comes to money, we make it, and we spend it! There will never be a perfect time, since there will always be situations where we need to spend money on other things, but finding the perfect one is absolutely priceless. Waiting for more money is just another excuse to delay!
  3. Should I Wait Until I Lose Another 5 Pounds?
    No! If you want to lose weight then do it! You may not have known this, but singles that are actively dating, tend to exercise more. Think of entering the dating world as motivation to lose weight, and you will soon feel better about yourself and have more confidence. Dating is a process and you will lose that weight as you are working out while having fun dating. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the two are mutually exclusive-you can do both at the same time.
  4. Do I Have Time to Find Love?
    Of course you always have time for love. At MTN Matchmaking, we do all the work! Maureen Tara Nelson will be matching you with the most eligible singles on Long Island & Manhattan which is based on compatibility in three different ways. Her secret method has made over 1,000 success stories happen. Your only job is to say yes or no!
  5. It’s Too Much Trouble
    Telling yourself that this is too much effort is very common especially when it comes to very successful singles. The fact that you are even thinking of this and making this common excuse is proof that you really are ready to find love and this is just fear talking again. Do not procrastinate! The truth of the matter is that Fall is the perfect time to find love! No more excuses!

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