Tinder Culture



Tinder culture is the conglomeration of behaviors associated with social media based dating apps that permeated into societal norms and cues. For example, ghosting, tapping, super liking, and catfishing. These behaviors are unique to dating through social media and require a proper analysis.

Из того, что я могу сказать, с 2008 года (?) Культура знакомств стала более тщетной, требуя определенных фигур, лиц и рас …

Dating culture has become more deeply divided by race than it already has been. White supremacists now have access to tinder, Grindr, and match.com, and there are more profiles with comments demanding interactions with only certain races, physiques, and classes of people.

Especially in the gay dating world, profiles read “No Fats, No Fems, No Asians” on more than one occasion. It’s absolutely sick; at MTN Matchmaking we turn away potential clients who prefer “only white” or say or allude to racial or ethnic preference. We need to have more regulations on discrimination in the dating world, online, and offline. It is totally unacceptable to claim that you have absolutely no attraction to an entire race of people for no reason, and if you do, please explain yourself…

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