Three Little Words that Have a Very Big Meaning! Who Should say “I LOVE YOU” First in a Relationship?


Who Should Say “I LOVE YOU” First In A Relationship?

Ladies! I am here to help you from making the #1 mistake in dating a guy!!! So many of my clients have made this mistake over the years before they came to MTN Matchmaking. They never make it here!

Over my 16 years of Matchmaking and with a track record of over a 1,000 success stories, women should never ever say the words “I love you” first. This will undoubtedly be the demise of the relationship as I’ve seen it happen many times and men have personally told me it was the reason why they got scared away. In this one case, the woman must let the man make the decision first.

A CNN article, with a similar opinion, claims “As soon as those words are said, they change the dynamic. If a man isn’t feeling the love quite yet, he may suddenly feel pressure to manifest that emotion. And if the woman doesn’t get the response she expected, it could damage her confidence enough to derail the whole relationship entirely”.

That being said, it wouldn’t be wise to ever say “I love you” even if you feel he might love you, or your think it might bring you closer. NEVER say it! Vixendaily said, “Women are more in ‘tune’ with their emotions.” Maureen Tara Nelson believes that is part of the reason why most women almost always feel it first and feel comfortable sharing this news with men, despite the repercussions that it will cause.

Although it may be hard to wait to hear those three little words, the end result will be worth it. When a man utters “I love you” first it shows that he is not afraid to be vulnerable and more importantly that he is on the same page as you and is ready for a commitment. If the woman is the first to say it, she will never truly know how the man feels and that will always linger in the back of her mind throughout the course of the relationship. She will be wondering if he is just saying it back to speed up the sexual part of the relationship or for other reasons.

The best things come to those who wait! And by following this rule, think of how ecstatic you are going to feel when he does say those 3 magical words to you.

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