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In the new millennium, online dating and dating apps have become the norm. But what we don’t know are the facts. We assume that because we have all these possibilities at our fingertips that we are likely to find the love of our life, but we aren’t.


        1. The stigma of seeking aid for dating has become the norm (matchmakers, online dating, and dating apps).
        2. Most of the users are 18-24 and aren’t looking for a committed relationship.
        3. 33% of users NEVER go out on a date!
        4. 22% seek help from their friends to edit their profiles (33% Women, 16% Men).
        5. 5% of relationships online dating resulted in marriage (2015).
        6. Only 20% of relationships began online, and 48% of them end through email.
        7. 64% want multiple characteristics in common with each other, and 49% want someone attractive.


We aren’t just some online dating company; we do hand-selected matches and provide you with dating coaching (for selected programs) and wonderful customer service to help you feel comfortable with your dating experience. At MTN Matchmaking, we seek out the best individuals, and the owner Maureen Tara Nelson matches the clients with multiple forms of compatibility using characteristics, interests, and specific attributes that the client desires.


Come sign up today! 

631-577-7940 or

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 at mtnmatchmaking.com


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