The New Trends In Finding Love


What is love? Arguably one of the most timeless questions that has ever been asked, this tricky conundrum has led many of us to explore a variety of dating opportunities, romantic encounters and other avenues in an effort to determine whether the “one” truly exists. Over the years, the newest and most effective trend in finding great quality, commitment minded, financially stable, successful singles is matchmaking!

Why is Matchmaking becoming the next trend in finding love? According to Long Island’s most successful Matchmaker, Maureen Tara Nelson, this is due in large part to the fact that Matchmaking services offer a high degree of personal service and security that other avenues simply cannot provide.

We’ve compiled a brief overview of popular dating services being used today. With this information, you can better plot your own course to the romantic relationship you have always dreamed about. Good luck!

Online Dating : Inexpensive – Very Low Rate of Success

Visit any major internet dating platform, and you’re guaranteed to read countess horror stories from users about exactly how unsuccessful these services have been for them.

The biggest complaint is that Internet dating is like having a full time job. Some other typical complaints are that both men and women post old photos, most men are not looking for committed relationships, and most women are gold diggers. Basically most dating experts will usually say, “you get what you pay for.”

Unlike MTN’s Matchmaking services, which include background checks on all individuals, online dating sites also typically do not offer these levels of security. Although daters are typically required to fill out a personal online profile, there are very few systems in place to ensure that people really are who they say they are. Daters may find themselves unpleasantly surprised by the person they eventually end up on a date with. Because of this, the true success rate for internet dating remains quite low.

Singles Events : New Faces – The Same Frustrations

Unfortunately, dating events are not an efficient way of meeting a great quality single, due to the fact that everyone and anyone can go to these events, there is no screening process, men and women could be still married, and could also not be financially stable. The biggest dilemma is that there is no way to know if someone is looking for a committed relationship. Most singles report that they see the same people over and over, and it is a waste of their time and money.

As could probably be guessed, the fact that these events are completely unpredictable means that the chances of establishing a genuine romantic connection with other individuals at singles events are quite small. Many attendees find themselves frustrated with this process over time, and grow tired of the same shallow experiences that can typically be expected from quick encounters such as these.

Matchmaking Services : Trusting The Experts

Sometimes, it’s best to leave your love life in the hands of professionals. Successful matchmakers have developed a reputation for opening doors to happy, lasting relationships for men and women. The key advantage to using a professional Matchmaker as opposed to a dating site is the level of personal attention offered to clients. Matchmaking is the perfect tool for those who believe that the ideal partner can’t be found using a search engine or keyword search. Matchmaking services have proven themselves to be one of the most consistently reliable dating platforms available today. Those who are passionate about finding “the one” are highly advised to enlist the help of a professional matchmaker. Whatever your particular interests may be, MTN recommends that you take the time to fully acquaint yourself with a prospective love interest before taking the relationship further. This will help reduce the likelihood of a disappointing outcome.

– Maureen Tara Nelson
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