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The New Rules of Dating


quarantine dating


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Throughout these past months, MTN Matchmaking has learned a lot about these topics. Quarantine can be incredibly difficult. It can bring out the worst or the best out of us. With this time of reflection, we have the opportunity to dissect our values and morals and move forward with clarity. The one major positive thing that has come out of the Coronavirus Pandemic is that most of us have learned that life can be short, and we should all try to do and be our very best every single day.

Here are some new rules that we have come up with which have come out of the Pandemic to help you date more efficiently…We hope you find this helpful in your search for love in this new time of dating.

Going forward, MTN Matchmaking will take into consideration the political affiliation of our clients and we suggest that all singles do the same. During my 19 years of Matchmaking, I used to always advise my clients to not bring up politics during the first three dates. Typically, after that point, if Chemistry was present with our clients, they didn’t care at all if their match had a different political view. We are in very different times now. Now it is imperative that we know what our client’s political affiliation is and if they want the same in their partner. Before the pandemic, it didn’t really matter much. Today, 80% of our clients are choosing only to date withing their same political party.

Something else new is now, since the Pandemic, sadly mental health and addictions are more prevalent. Years ago, only a very few of our thousands of clients discussed their mental health or even drinking preferences. Our clients would mostly all be fine with a match whether they drank or not, even if the client chose not to drink themselves. We now have to take into account the fact that many singles have chosen to go down the road of sobriety because they realized during the loneliness of our Lockdown, many have noticed they themselves had a drinking problem and have stopped drinking. We now ask everyone if they prefer a non-drinker and that is becoming very popular in our service. Many singles have also felt depressed due to the isolation and sadness that came from the COVID pandemic. It used to be rare that our clients were on SSRI’s for depression, but many singles have sought out the help of Mental Health Professionals to help them feel better and be able to cope more with our new lives post-pandemic. Now we ask our clients if they are okay dating someone who is temporarily seeking help from the stress that the pandemic brought into our lives.

Testing is also important in the new way of dating. Did you have the Coronavirus already and have antibodies? Have you been tested lately for the virus? These are all questions that we now ask of our clients to provide the safest way of finding love with someone you will be compatible with and also have chemistry with!

Even though we are several months into the pandemic, things can still be hard, but when it comes to dating, we at MTN Matchmaking are here for all of you!




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