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The Best Date Spots on Long Island for Fall




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This whole entire summer we’ve talked about how powerful it is to be single. But summer is over now. Fall is the time to settle into your own and branch out into the depths of dating and romance. Finding one place to take a date isn’t romantic. When planning your dates this fall, hopefully with MTN Matchmaking, consider the best that Long Island has to offer. It’s more special to take your potential dates to a restaurant that suits their mood and vibe.

Don’t be cheesy. Most of the time, the first date is awkward enough. Remember, simplicity is key.

  1. Prohibition Port Jefferson: American/Brunch/Savory

“Where diets come to die. I love trendy places that make its way to the Island and this is no exception. Prohibition is funkily decorated and decently spaced.…†– yelp

Prohibition is a simply rustic, but not tacky, American bistro on the north shore of Long Island. It’s the perfect ambiance for cocktails that make you think it’s still illegal. This is the quintessential first date spot. It’s basic, but not disinteresting; it’s the perfect vibe for first impressions.

  1. Tallulah’s: Tapas/American/Southern 

“The chorizo with apples was by far my favorite, the Mac and cheese was creamy and has a light smokey flavor.†– yelp

Bay Shore’s southern-style joint is full of flavor! Come here if you want to take your date out for ribs, mac and cheese, and a smokey aroma. It might not necessarily be a first date place, but if you’re both down for uninhibited messy fun, come on through.

  1. Anchor Down: Seafood

“An absolutely wonderful seafood restaurant — Anchor Down is a gem! It’s very unassuming from the outside, and honestly would be easy to miss, but when you walk in, it’s a bright spectacle…â€

This Merrick waterside seafood shack is full of soul. It’s nautical beauty ties in with its theme of titanic-elaganza, fresh food, and classy interior. Its romantic ambiance makes it the perfect spot for a first date. Imagine spending the first impression together in front of fresh steamed lobsters… and your heart is sold.

Finish your first date, with a hug and maybe a kiss if it went well.



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