Spirituality and Dating



is religion a dealbreaker? 


Is religion a dividing factor when it comes to dating? Is there so much a difference in what we believe?

Sometimes it could be hard to culturally match your significant other, but doesn’t that just make us more diverse in what we know? Certainly, there could become dealbreakers when it comes to what your family expects, but MTN believes we should broaden our horizons. Most clients come into MTN Matchmaking with specifics on their ideal partner.


Having a narrower playing field when it comes to dating isn’t going to increase your success in finding a soulmate. Sure, people are persistent in having a significant other that matches their religious beliefs, but if you aren’t especially religious there shouldn’t be any qualms.

Having your family decide the criterion of your potential husband, wife, or partner is not a promising idea all around. It could leave some of your preferences out of question, and in the endgame, it might not work out in your favor. When it comes to dating, instead of listing a religion that they must have, list morals and attributes that you want to see in their character. Most, if not all, religions essentially have the same morals, codes, and ways of life coated in different practices. So, make sure to dive deep into what you want, not what your family wants; If you don’t single out the characteristics that you desire, you’re leaving the floor open for all types of possibilities that you could’ve prevented if you hadn’t narrowed your playing field. Also, if you have dealbreakers, deconstruct what they mean to you; it goes deeper than what someone believes, but down to their character as a person.


Don’t limit yourself. Listen to what you need!



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