Quarantine Valentine’s Day 2021



Valentine’s Day 2021




Whether you’ve been together three months or three decades, it’s no secret that coming up with some great Valentine’s Day ideas can be stressful. That’s true in normal times—but perhaps even more so amid the coronavirus pandemic. And especially so when trying to navigate your relationship’s first Valentine’s Day during a pandemic.

There is good news, though. While things may look and feel different this year, there are still plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your girlfriend or boyfriend or someone you just started dating from MTN Matchmaking.

If food is the way to your significant other’s heart, skip that fancy dinner and take her on a date in your own home and cook for her, or treat her to a sweet breakfast in bed. Not to mention that there are also plenty of things you can do if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day on a low budget (think: a socially-distanced romantic walk in the park, a fun game night, or a mind-blowing at-home massage).


Watch a Cheesy Valentine’s Day Movie

Of course, we can’t go to the movie theatre but what we can do is, bring the movie theatre experience to your home. Bring some popcorn, get snacks, soda, and candy, and have a blast watching a romantic comedy, just the two of you under a comfortable blanket.


Charcutier Board Galore 

Nothing says sophistication like attention to detail. Cut your cheeses, meats, and assemble the most aesthetically pleasing charcuterie board to impress your Valentine’s date. (Tip: Melt some chocolate and dip strawberries to be extra-romantic)


Create Your Own Cocktails

You might need to seek out some online assistance and instructions, but the fun is endless. Craft your own old-fashioned, whisky sour, martini, bloody Mary, or tequila sunrise with your date. It’s a very interactive activity that can help you two grow closer by creating something together.


We are on the brink of another lockdown. In New York, inside dining has been reopened for Valentine’s Day at 25% capacity. We do not encourage going out to dinner, especially with cases of COVID-19 variants on the rise. Take this opportunity to stay home and have a Valentine’s day to remember. In the future, we aren’t going to remember the ambiance of the restaurant you went to on Valentine’s day during a pandemic, but the memories that you created in spite of it.






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