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 For the past 19 years of Matchmaking, we used to say on the first three dates “don’t discuss sex, religion, or politics” and if our clients took our advice, it didn’t matter if they had different political affiliations, it would turn out to be fine, 9 out of 10 times. Then came COVID… It was at that point that we had to be a little stronger with our matching. We came up with the recommendation of asking people “do you prefer your own political party when it comes to dating?” or “can you be open-minded?” However, after last night’s event, we strongly advise you know to date within your own political affiliation…


MTN Matchmaking is keeping a close eye on electoral politics when it comes to dating and finding love. As we have previously stated before, we do not suggest that you date outside your political affiliations. Whether you’re a republican, conservative, democrat, independent, liberal, or socialist. We suggest that you try to date within those boundaries. It proves way too difficult to settle for people we do not agree with on such big issues.


Our political ideology informs others of our values and they make judgments and assumptions based on that, it’s natural.


After watching the Presidential debate last night, we can see that the divide between the two main party’s could not be larger. Whether you’re for President Trump, Vice President Biden, or absolutely hate both; MTN Matchmaking suggests you select from the pool you agree with the most. We ask you your political affiliation in order to better match you, it might seem like we’re asking a personal question, and it can be uncomfortable, but we want to make sure that we match you with someone who reflects your values and opinions.

Political debates are ugly. They bring out the worst in us because we really care about what we believe in. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we can only hope that there will be a bipartisan agreement and respect that is established after the election is over.  But, until then, MTN Matchmaking will be matching you with people who have compatible political affiliations.






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