How I Personally Handle a Client that Does Not Follow My Advice & Becomes “Unmatchable”


How I Personally Handle a Client

Someone just asked me the most interesting question I have ever been asked in all my years of Matchmaking and I’d like to share that with you… With so many happy success stories over the years, how do you handle a client that is not successful in finding a match and what does it take to become successful with MTN Matchmaking?

It is actually pretty easy if we take you on to be a client to be successful with our program. It requires a positive attitude because I cannot make someone negative successful…As well as realistic expectations because with my my 16 years of experience I can pretty much gauge on our initial free consultation if I think I could make someone successful or not and I will always be truthful and honest with my clients on what they can expect…and to follow the guidelines that I have developed over the years which has attributed to over 1000 success stories.

Now those that do not follow the guidelines and are not open minded to taking my advice, I will not be able to help them effectively. Over the years there have been people that started out not taking my advice and ran out of time, but then renewed their program with me this time taking my advice, and they are now successful.

Then there are those that have never taken my advice and I was not able to help them and instead of taking responsibility, just blamed it on the service. If anyone becomes nasty, inappropriate, or sometimes even crazy, they will lose their membership which is written in the contract. This has happened a few times over the years to protect the great quality clients that we have. This type of person I cannot in good faith match them with any of my great quality clients and therefore they have lost their membership.

The first thing they do instead of working with me which I always offer first, is to turn to the Internet and put the blame on our service. However if I count up all of the different avenues that people can complain, and in 16 years of Matchmaking there are less than 20 of these people that became unmatchable and either lost their membership or I would not deal with the negativity. Which is still a fantastic record in which I am very proud of.

Most businesses in the service industry typically have about 100 unhappy people each year they are in business. We work extremely hard in a very sensitive and emotional type service business and it is because of that and our very thorough initial screening process that we have such few in all of my years matchmaking.

Unfortunately in this day and age my success stories of fabulous clients that came to me for the privacy due to their careers or well/known status do not feel comfortable telling the world how they met, nor would I ever jeopardize the privacy of one of my clients for my benefit. So even with all of my success stories which you will see when you come into my office for your free consultation, sometimes you only hear about the less than 20 former clients that I could not make successful. But with 16 years experience and the thousands of clients that appreciate my hard work and dedication over the years, I do not allow the negative Nelly’s of the world to knock down my confidence.

There are always going to be people that complain about any service and if you notice if you ever see any of these negative comments, you will also notice these prior clients have complained about multiple services whether it be the restaurants they go to, their hair salons etc. They write negative reviews on everything!!!

Nor should it be a reflection of what your success will be. I offer a free consultation so you can come into my office, the same building I have had for the past 11 years, you will meet with Me the owner personally and privately and it will be a free, non-pressure consultation so you can decide for yourself if my program sounds safer, more effective, and easier for you to meet your soulmate rather than anything you are presently doing now. I will be open and honest with you on if I feel I can help you.

As a special bonus, mention you saw this and you will receive a special gift from us because we are very proud of our success, having the finest singles on Long Island and New York and having the most effective process of matching our clients.

Thank you, from Maureen Tara Nelson, owner of MTN Matchmaking ❤️

– Maureen Tara Nelson

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