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pandemic dating questions with maureen tara nelson


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—More singles are looking for long-term love than ever before, seeking meaningful relationships in light of COVID19 — Why do you think that is?


During pre-pandemic times, many singles were enjoying their single lives and not necessarily looking for a committed relationship. They had many different opportunities to find companionship and sex…that was enough for them. Then came the COVID-19 Pandemic, which had all singles on lockdown if they were not an essential worker. Being confined to their homes 24/7, singles had lots of time to overthink their ‘singleness.’ Many became lonely. Many called up our Matchmaking Service actually saying, “I do not want to die alone.” Being isolated put singles in a position they never felt before. It was not a good feeling for most. We heard everything from “life is too short” and “I need to do everything in my power to find the right person now.”
The idea of settling may have been something that singles were okay with before because they knew the person they were dating was most likely not the one. They were happy dating someone who Mr/Mrs. Right Now. 

The only positive thing I have personally seen with singles now, since the pandemic, is the desire to put in the effort to find the right person. During the scariest time in history for most of us, brought about an awareness of living the rest of our lives alone. That is a terrifying feeling. 

The light at the end of the tunnel is that there is a rise in long term relationships, due to people wanting to love someone and to be loved, and not to waste any more time on settling.


—The number of millennials seeking romance is particularly high—why might this be the case?


Millennials are always the largest group of singles that are not ready to settle down yet, or that were in that mindset before the pandemic. Now, things have changed for all of us, but especially for Millennials. In the pre-pandemic days, this group of young singles were focused mostly on partying, hook-ups, enjoying dating multiple people, and what type of career they should have. Then the pandemic hit and these Millennials were no longer able to go out to bars, were not able to hook up because of stay at home orders and social distancing, and many had to go on the COVID unemployment which leads them to either move back home or for some, work from home.

Naturally, the group that is used to having huge social lives had to surrender to only zooming their friends, which got boring very quickly. One advantage for all Millennials due to the pandemic is that they had to grow up faster than before. They had the same feelings of being lonely as all singles felt during this very difficult time. Soon they realized that if they were lucky to find romance, and with one person, they could isolate together and be able to reap the benefits that a romantic relationship offers to all.

I am seeing double the amount of singles in this age group come into our service because they are now ready for a commitment and romance.


—What is your advice for people who are wanting to date during the pandemic?


Dating is finally getting easier than it was once the pandemic hit. However, it still comes with many precautions that we never had before, such as wearing masks, socially distancing, and knowing a lot more about the person whom you are dating. It used to be that you would discuss if your partner ever had any sexually transmitted diseases before taking your relationship to the next level of intimacy. Now you have to ask about their COVID history.

Lucky are those that have already had it and have the antibodies, but you still need to do all the responsible new things that come with our new ways of dating as stated above. You need to get tested before you even kiss your date. Gone are the days of walking hand-in-hand down the street, and kissing on the first date. We do not know how long this new way of dating will last, but it is very important to be safe for both yourself and your partner.

It is also important to mention that even though things are harder now when it comes to dating because so many singles are looking for love more than ever now, it is still possible to find a loving relationship. We are finding it even takes less time for singles to commit to one another.




Spreading Love,




Maureen Tara Nelson

MTN Matchmaking



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