What Not to Do – Ladies 55+


1. Think like you’re 21 years younger.

– You will not attract the same man you did 21 years ago.

-Embrace your age: you’re older, wiser, stronger, and have more to offer a man.

2. Expect more than 5 great things about a man.

– No one is perfect; No one will meet your requirements if you have more than 5 prerequisites.

– Too many women make this mistake after every first date. You are actually subconsciously self-sabotaging yourself to find something wrong, or to be unrealistic in your expectations. Stick to 5 prerequisites and you will be fine.

3. Have a picture in your head of your look.

– After 35 years old, no one should have “a look.” You should be focusing on being compatible, finding someone to make you laugh, and make you feel safe.

– You have no idea what the man you will fall in love with looks like now. Have an open mind, ladies.

As a client at MTN Matchmaking, your dating history will not be the same, especially when you’re using internet dating sites.

On the internet, anyone can get dates. It is a haven for people who just want to “fool around.” Here, you will not have to go on 100 dates to find one normal person. This is precise dating, and every single match will be compatible to you in 3 ways, and have your 5 must haves.

We can help you ladies and we want to!

Give us a call for your free consultation – 631.577.7940

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