My Unplanned Vacation

My Unplanned Vacation


Screw the Guidebook 


Planning vacations are hard and even though I am fully aware of the privilege I have to be able to go on these vacations, I sometimes feel the planning takes the fun out. Last year, my best friend Karen and I went on a last-moment trip to the Dominican Republic. We drank so much tequila, sat on the beach, tanned, read, and swam.


The best part about the trip was that it wasn’t planned. We just got the tickets and went. While I know that this sort of girl’s trip is rare and doesn’t happen frequently, it made me think about all the ways I will plan my vacations in the future. I never want to stress about planning a vacation ever again, screw the structure and organization, vacations are meant for messes and flukes. The best things come when you don’t plan it. Live your life with the same feeling, maybe only sometimes, and you will feel how great it is to get away.


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