Where are All the Monogamous Men? Answered by Maureen Tara Nelson at MTN Matchmaking


The reason men come to MTN Matchmaking is because they want to get into a relationship with someone spectacular, and some even to get married. When you pry in the depths of online dating, like ‘plentyofcheaters,’ you will typically find the “crummiest humans on the face of the planet,” according to a recent poll of our clients that joined in June 2017. Though I am sure that not everyone is looking to participate in adultery in these free “sites and swipes” as we hear from our clients every day, from what we understand from the feedback we receive, the site is filled with people who are willing participants. This obviously makes it almost impossible to meet a quality man looking for a monogamous relationship!

Many singles ask why this is, that these free sites attract such an alarming amount of commitment phobic men. The answer is quite simple. This is due to the price tag…it’s free, obviously. Men are more likely to cheat when they’re unhappy with themselves and their partner. And when they have ready access to these websites like Ashley M. for example, it becomes all too simple. If you’ve been watching the news you know these sites are susceptible to hacking and information leaks. Even the “cheaters” know it’s a bad idea, but the facts show that men still do it. Nobody thinks they’re going to get caught because of overconfidence. Or the usual thought, “it will never happen to me.”

The Telegraph says “Online daters are also 28 per cent more likely to split from their partners within the first year, new figures from Michigan State University in the US suggest. A study of more than 4,000 couples found that relationships were far more stable if couples met in traditional ways such as introductions by friends or through work, hobbies or socializing. Couples who meet online are also less likely to get married and generally have a poorer relationship quality that those who met offline.” These statistics convey the reality that online dating doesn’t usually work, especially if you are looking for a monogamous man. Is it worth taking a chance ladies?

Our 2000+ clients do not think so

Our 2000+ clients do not think so. When you’re really looking for someone to love for the rest of your life, who is also looking for a committed relationship, you should invest in a program that has a high success rate, like MTN Matchmaking. Of course if you live in the tri state area, there are other Matchmaking companies in Manhattan to choose from. What makes singles select MTN Matchmaking if they live in the Manhattan area? We asked Mary one of our recent success stories who lives in Manhattan and has a summer home on Long Island to tell us why she chose us? “The fact that I spend a large part of my time on Long Island and MTN Matchmaking is the only real service there and the fact that I was also able to interview in their Manhattan office was one of the reasons. Then came the fact that the owner, Maureen Tara Nelson does the Matchmaking personally, so I felt this service was more like coming to a boutique. Then lastly was the fact that the other Manhattan services were charging three to four times the amount of money, yet not providing the personalized service of matching based upon compatibility. I am very happen that I made this decision since I met the perfect man in about three months working directly with the owner.”

When looking for a monogamous relationship, MTN Matchmaking offers a reasonable fee for financially stable adults, and the best part is that we have a fabulous staff on-call, ready to help you find your soulmate. For more information about our services, please call 1888-31-match.

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