MATCHMAKING… FACTS or FICTION? by Maureen Tara Nelson at MTN Matchmaking Inc.


By Maureen Tara Nelson At MTN Matchmaking Inc.

1. Matchmakers Are For People that Can’T Get Dates or Are For Losers? Fiction

This is not the lonely hearts club like the old services. Here you can raise the bar. I do not accept everyone; they have to pass the extensive screening process.

2. Matchmakers Are Extremely Expensive, Can Be 7K-100K. Fiction

We have five different programs to choose from. they are below $1000 and then go up. All are less than 7k!

3. I Heard that Matchmakers Use A Computer To Do All the Work? Fiction

Not here…I do hand selected matches based upon my unique and private 3 part system based upon compatibility.

4. I Heard I Have To Look Like George Clooney To Be A Member? Fiction

Do we have very good looking and beautiful clients, yes. But as long as you pass our screening process-you have nothing to worry about.

5. I Am Assuming Maureen Is Like Patty From the Millionaire Matchmakers Show, And I Do Not Want Someone Telling Me What To Do? Fiction

Reality TV shows are not real matchmaking!!! What I do is real with real results!

6. I’M Afraid the Free Consultation Is Like A High Pressure Sales Environment Like Timeshares? Fiction

Not at all! My free consultation is to make sure we both feel comfortable with each other. In fact, most clients tell them that they have Lots of fun!

7. All Internet Dating Sites Seem To Have the Same People For 10 Years; I’M Assuming You Have Those Same People? Fiction

Nope, most of my clients would never put their information on an internet dating site due to privacy. or if they tried it, they weren’t meeting singles with the same high standards as them, hence why they come to me, to raise the bar!

8. I Used A Matchmaking Service In the City Before And Only Met Gold Diggers, Guess This Is the Same? Fiction

Both male and female clients pay here, so you are ensured that gold diggers are not here, because they are not financially stable enough to join, plus with my screening process, I keep them out for you!

9. I Heard Matchmaking Programs Are Only For One Match? or You Only Pick 3 Men And Need To Renew? Fiction

We have different programs to choose from, most come with unlimited matches to encourage our clients to say yes 90% of the time.

10. I Was Told Matchmakers Interview You Over the Phone, Is that How You Interact With Clients? Fiction

I meet with all my appointments personally and privately in my Melville, Long Island office. You will be meeting me in my office which I have been in for the past 11 years! I take the necessary time to meet with each client until I know if I can help them or not.

11. You Seem Very Passionate About What You Do, Is that Genuine? Fact

Matchmaking is my life and my clients are like FAMILY to me!!!


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