March Matchmaking



March Madness


Unless you have a birthday in March, this month can be pretty boring. Essentially, this month is pretty short, and notoriously having no holidays, unless Easter falls at the end. At MTN Matchmaking, we call the¬†month of March, the month of growth. Coming from the bleak months of January and February, March allows for a certain growth that these months do not possess. March is the beginning of spring, even though it’s probably still going to snow and be cold.

March is Madness. It’s the month that we scramble to figure out what we are going to do with all this vitamin D. Don’t scramble, enjoy it while it lasts. Sooner or later we’ll be having the most humid and hot days imaginable. Make sure to spend the month of March enjoying the brisk air, fresh meadows, and sunny skies. Build the person you want to be this year!

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