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We all know that apps like tinder, hinge, and bumble are convenient; If you’re a young professional from 20-40, it might seem easier than the bar scene. But we all know the reality of the situation. These apps make it simple to just swipe, match, and meet, at an instant. People who use these apps will tell you that the success to failure ratio is why they discontinue their use. They allow for the creeps, catfish, and freaks to filter in at ease.

It’s scary. People can pretend that they’re someone else, guise their freak, and infiltrate your life. You don’t know if they’re emotionally, financially, and mentally stable, and it creates the opportunity for a waste of time, and more importantly danger.


MTN Matchmaking has standards. We interview our clients, make sure they are qualified, and assess their stability to our standards. We want you to have everlasting love; swiping apps just want you to continue swiping and see if one sticks. It’s unethical, to say the least. When you come to MTN, a professional, certified matchmaker, you have a personalized experience that fits into your life. We do background checks, compatibility assessments, and dating coaching, to guarantee that you have a successful experience, a lasting relationship.


Don’t be fooled. Put your eggs in a basket that has over 17 years of experience and has the reputation of matching people who will actually get married.




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