Loving Your Enemies!




it’s not for the weakest of hearts


As we age, we achieve the ability to say, “I’m sorry” and mean it. It isn’t easy by any means, but in doing so we free ourselves from the taxing burden of a grudge. It weighs our spirit down, gets in the way of our own success, and takes away the ability to trust again. Expand yourself, your empathy and see the reasoning behind this communication error. Most situations like these are the results of miscommunication. Having a conversation with a grudge could go completely wrong if both of you are not ready to communicate thoughtfully and sympathetically. You must be ready to listen to understand, not listen to respond.


The word “narcissist’ is overused and undefined in our society. Just because somebody isn’t thinking about you in their actions, doesn’t mean they’re a narcissist. It just means they’re stuck in their head, trapped, and resorting to fending for themselves. Non-communicative people are hurt, and ‘hurt people’, hurt people because they cannot be bothered with the problems of others. It’s truly sad; when people are like this, the best thing to do is let them be. They secretly wish to change, but as we know, it isn’t easy. What is easy, is to love them regardless, from a distance in the meanwhile. A great psychologist of mine once said that we cannot change people that don’t want to change themselves, and the right thing to do is let go, but be there for them when they come to their personal realization.  


be the bigger person, it’s worth it

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