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Don’t put your love life second

Don’t put your love life second. As women, we are told that we can only choose 2 of the following: social life, mom life, and work life. We can’t have it all. Society works against us in a way that makes it extremely difficult to obtain all three only if you’re rich. And if you’re rich, you’re probably working really hard or not at all. Why do we have to choose? Men can have it all and it’s normal; when women have it all, they’re “bitches,” “broads,” and ” a BOSSYpants”. (god forbid).

When men possess all three it’s normal. People look at him and are like: “omg what a hard worker, he’s so determined.”

When women possess the power that men have, and do it well, it causes men to be hysterical. And yes I used the word “hysterical” on purpose.

Women put their love lives on hold, they put their social lives on hold, to have their dream job. Why aren’t we accepting of women in the workplace? What is so threatening about a mother being the CEO of a big corporation. I feel like the world just cannot compute the reasoning behind supporting a woman that has defied all the societal standards, and is making it work. As women, we need to support every woman. We have to lift up our sisters, and that means lifting all… women of color, women of size, women of disability, queer women, gender non conforming women, and trans women, especially. As women we are the targets of societal standards. We need to stick together in and out of work, life, and love, and be there for one another. We need to back each other up when it comes to negotiations, meetings, home life, and just be allies.





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