Did You Know that Second Marriages Have a Higher Rate of Divorce than the First?


Общеизвестно, что около 50% браков заканчиваются разводом.

Its common knowledge that around 50% of marriages end in divorce. Though, divorce rates are actually decreasing. Data taken from the 1970s showed a significant increase in divorce, that is attributed to rising of feminism. Currently, you are more likely to not get divorced if you live in a blue state, have no religious affiliation or are an atheist/agnostic, and are college educated. Could the current decline in divorce rates be attributed to liberalism? While the sudden increase in the 1970s makes sense; the decline in divorce could be due to educated couples taking their time in making the decision to marry.

The truth is that we will never truly know why there is such a high divorce rate, but we can only speculate about the correlations that determine the high percentage. While the true rate is more around 40-49% (not a significant difference) we can only question what is causing this.

Maureen Tara Nelson attributes the recent decrease in divorce rate to the higher education in marriages; their education could help them think critically about the relationships staying-power, and end it before it leads to engagement. The rise of feminism and secularism in the past may have influenced the millennials getting married today, decreasing their chance of divorce because of their liberal ideology influenced by their parents.

It was indeed a shocker to Maureen that people who identify as Christian have a higher divorce rate. Perhaps the constraints of their churches condemnation of divorce could have created anxiety to stay together; this unneeded anxiety could have caused stress within the relationship which would lead them to divorce. However, with Maureen’s own Christian-affiliated clients, have mentioned time and time again that their divorce was initiated as a last resort.

Their longing for divorce was suspended by the Christianity that held them together, but we now know that the divorce rate is a relevant factor in all religious and political affiliations. MTN notes that although the statistics show different degrees of divorce rates, it is impacting liberals and conservative alike.

Did you know that second marriages have a higher rate of divorce than the first time? That is more than enough reason to come into MTN Matchmaking for your match based on compatibility.

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