Key Factors to a Long-Term Relationship


If you’re like many serious daters out there, the chances are good that you are most passionate about finding a romantic partner with whom you will be able to share your thoughts, feelings and life experiences for years to come. Although there may be a time and a place for casual dating, you’ve reached the point in your life where the prospect of settling down with one partner on an exclusive basis makes you incredibly excited. Although there’s no “right” way to guarantee that the person you are dating is your soulmate, you probably have a good idea as to whether or not your current relationship has the potential to fulfill all of your personal desires.

With this information in hand, it’s time to examine the key factors which have helped countless individuals like you ensure that the bliss, happiness and romance you are currently experiencing will ultimately lead to a satisfying and enriching long-term arrangement, such as marriage. Maureen Tara Nelson is widely recognized as one of Long Island’s best matchmakers. Her advice has helped countless singles in the world of New York dating find their perfect match. No matter how you found your new partner, be it through online dating, singles events or matchmaking, you can use MTN’s expert advice to help you keep them for the foreseeable future! Good luck!

Factor #1: Communication Builds Trust – Trust Builds Love

Although a physical connection with your romantic partner is obviously important, it’s absolutely essential that you develop a significant degree of emotional intimacy with them if you are invested in the long-term success of your relationship. The winding road that is “life” is filled with up’s and down’s. In a long-term relationship, both you and your partner will have to be able to confront these issues without splitting apart. By engaging in regular communication about all aspects of your life, including your daily activities as well as your long-term hopes, dreams and fears, you will begin to nurture and develop the bonds of trust and love that will help ensure that future trouble, stress or conflict won’t bring your relationship to a crashing halt.

Factor #2: Flexibility Is The Key To Happiness

No matter how strong the bond is between you and your partner, the chances are good that you may not always see “eye-to-eye” on every issue. Because of this, it’s absolutely essential that both of you be willing to compromise at times in order to reach a common “middle ground” which leaves both of you feeling satisfied and happy. Whether it’s deciding vacation plans or dividing household responsibilities, it’s absolutely essential that both members of a relationship be willing to accommodate the specific opinions and preferences of their partner, regardless of what they may be. Although it’s certainly natural to feel strongly about some issues, adopting a “hard-line” stance on matters that affect both parties may prove to be harmful to the relationship over the long term.

Factor #3: Perfection Does Not Exist

The most amazing and, perhaps, surprising revelation that successful couples often have is the fact that the ‘perfect’ partner does not exist. There will always be small nagging problems in a relationship, regardless of how truly compatible two individuals may be. When we are single, it’s almost expected that we set our standards quite high in order to single out individuals who present the best possible chances of being compatible with our own interests. Even these “perfect” pairings.

Factor #4: Equality and Respect Help Nurture Love

The ideal partnership will always be one that is built on mutual respect. Individuals who respect each other are much more likely to stay connected in a relationship over time than those who do not. Because of this, MTN advises each of her clients to ensure that they find their “equal” during the dating process. This doesn’t have to mean that paychecks are similar or career goals are identical, but it does mean that both parties should share a clear vision of what their goals are and what they would like to accomplish as both an individual and a couple.

– Maureen Tara Nelson
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