Interracial Relationships Finally Finding Acceptance


America has a bleak history regarding interracial relationships, including anti-miscegenation laws banning the mixing of white people with other races (Black, Asian, Indigenous). In 1967, Loving v. Virginia set legal precedent that anti-miscegenation laws are unconstitutional, though there was still heavy racial tensions in the US. The ruling, a diamond in the ruff, was seen as an achievement toward progression, but could be attributed to the popularization of the Nuremberg Trials, and their use of miscegenation laws. Though, this led to the legalization and eventual acceptance of interracial relationships. (LATimes)

There’s a long standing debate whether it is racially insensitive to have a racial preference in dating. And it is, sort of. Having a preference isn’t the problem, as long as it isn’t fetishizing the race, but preferring the race over another because you think that race is superior is the problem. Over 60% of millennials that are marrying, are mixed raced families, conveying that we are getting more and more diverse as times goes by; hopefully it will be more accepted in the future.

MTN Matchmaking celebrates diversity in their clients and work with them to find a financially and emotionally stable single. We find that our greatest strength for the future of the company and our country is diversity.

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