How to know When you are Falling in Love


Would you recognize the signs and sensations that you might be falling in love? Maureen Tara Nelson, and our MTN Matchmaking dating coaches speak in detail with clients about love, compatibility, sex, and dating. With MTN Matchmaking you have a higher likelihood of finding love than you do on the dating apps. Sometimes this is because the dating apps are devoid of emotion and human interaction. They are dry, data driven catalogues that don’t take into account so many things when looking for the love of your life.

Love, that indescribable feeling that has inspired countless poets, artists, and philosophers throughout history, is a powerful and transformative emotion. Falling in love is a unique and exhilarating experience, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. Are you wondering whether you’re truly falling in love? What signs and sensations often accompany this remarkable journey of the heart?

The Thought of Them Consumes You
One of the earliest signs that you might be falling in love is when the person you’re attracted to occupies your thoughts throughout the day. You find yourself daydreaming about them, and even the most mundane activities trigger thoughts of their smile, laughter, or the way they make you feel. It’s as if they’ve taken up residence in your mind and heart.

Butterflies in Your Stomach
Remember that fluttery feeling in your stomach before a big event or a first date? When you’re falling in love, those butterflies are likely to make a frequent appearance. Your heart races, palms get sweaty, and you might even feel a little queasy. These physical sensations are a surefire sign that love is in the air.

You Prioritize Their Happiness
Love is often associated with selflessness. If you find yourself constantly thinking about what would make your special someone happy and going out of your way to do things for them, it’s a clear indication that you’re falling in love. You genuinely care about their well-being and happiness. This is a healthy prioritization without sacrificing your own needs and self-care. Maureen and our dating coaches work with clients to educate and explain the difference.

You’re Eager to Share Your Life
When you’re falling in love, you become more open and willing to share your life with that person. You start revealing your dreams, fears, and vulnerabilities. You want them to know the real you, and you’re interested in learning everything about them too.

Time Flies When You’re Together
Have you ever spent hours with someone and it felt like mere minutes had passed? This phenomenon is common when you’re falling in love. When you’re in their presence, time seems to warp, and you never want the moments to end.

You’re Willing to Compromise
Love often involves compromise and flexibility. If you find yourself willing to make adjustments to accommodate the person you’re falling for, whether it’s rearranging your schedule, adapting your interests, or making sacrifices, it’s a clear sign that love is blossoming. Of course we are referring to healthy levels of compromise that will support the growth of a loving future, not co-dependency.

Emotional Vulnerability
Being in love means being emotionally vulnerable. You’re not afraid to express your feelings and share your innermost thoughts with your partner. This emotional intimacy is a significant part of falling in love.

You’re Happy When They’re Happy
Seeing the person you’re falling for happy brings immense joy to your life. Their achievements, successes, and moments of happiness become your own, and you genuinely celebrate their victories.

You Feel Secure
Love often brings a sense of security and comfort. When you’re falling in love, you feel safe and at ease with that person. They become your refuge in times of stress and turmoil.

Long-Term Planning
If you catch yourself thinking about a future with this person and making long-term plans together, it’s a strong indicator that you’re falling in love. Whether it’s discussing future vacations, living arrangements, or even starting a family, these thoughts reflect your deep emotional connection.

Falling in love is a beautiful and complex journey filled with a range of emotions and sensations. These signs can help you identify when you’re falling in love, but it’s important to remember that everyone experiences love differently. Trust your instincts, be patient, and allow love to unfold naturally. Whether you’re experiencing butterflies in your stomach, prioritizing their happiness, or daydreaming about a shared future, the journey of falling in love is a remarkable adventure that’s worth embracing with an open heart.

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