How to Find Love In Another Lockdown



Trying to fall in love during this lonely COVID-19 winter? Find love during another lockdown this holiday season with MTN Matchmaking! During this pandemic, people need love, and we are not meant to be alone. As singles continue to stay home and alone, they long for interpersonal connection. Singles need to know where to go and how to start. What are the first steps to dating during lockdown?

Put yourself out there! It is important to maintain your normal routine and visit places you usually would. For example, we all must go to the grocery store, and normally you may be shy, but now’s the time to maybe look in someone’s shopping cart and start a conversation with them. You can talk about what they are buying or anything that comes to mind. Perhaps if they are buying healthy food you can mention you trying to get into shape and ask them how to become health conscious while eating.

The afternoon is the new best time of the day! Considering it turns dark before 5:00 during the winter months, it is always better to go on a date during the day. This way it keeps dating more positive and fun. Another wonderful idea would be if it is the afternoon and maybe you have off from work you can go to the dog park. You would be surprised at how exciting and fun meeting someone and going to a dog park is!

The post office is also an all-time favorite. Who likes to go to the post office? No one! Usually everyone would be in a horrible mood waiting in line. Now is the time to realize that we need to put out positive energy when going to the post office from now until the holidays. Make sure to try to stay happy, positive, and be friendly to people you meet!

Hair salons are another great place to meet people. If there is a man getting his hair done it always feels good to be complimentary. He takes the time to look good, and that is something you may find incredibly attractive. Men should also compliment ladies at a salon because it shows that ladies take good care of themselves. Push yourself and try not to think negatively. The most important piece of advice for the past 19 years of Matchmaking is to always stay positive. No one wants to be with a negative person and people will gravitate towards you if you are attracting positive energy!

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