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Why ‘Cuffing Season?’ 


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We are all reminded on social media that this time of year is known as “cuffing season.” It’s essentially a framework of time from fall to winter where people are persuaded to date in order to find someone to cuddle with, away from the freezing weather. But, at MTN Matchmaking, there is no real ‘cuffing season’. All year long is our cuffing season. We do not designate times of the year for finding love and affection, it should be a year-long process, that doesn’t occur at a specific moment in time. ‘Cuffing Season†is a buzz word. It’s a marketing ploy to get attention for dating service’s Fall-Winter programs. Although this time of year is popular to find love, We encourage you to open yourself up to the possibilities all year long. 


Setting one season of the year for finding love is not an effective method in finding your soulmate. It turns your brain off to the idea of love in the other months, and thus closes you off to the notion of finding love outside of “cuffing season.” Let us remember, positive thinking. Cuffing season is not a long-term relationship. It’s a label for a relationship of convenience. We do not want that if you are trying to find your soulmate. A cuffing season relationship is temporary, primarily sexual, and pursued out of desperation. 

In lieu of a cuffing season relationship, join MTN Matchmaking where you will be able to date all the qualified and compatible singles. Don’t waste your time with someone who just wants to cuddle; commit to dating seriously with MTN Matchmaking and join the thousands of success stories that Maureen Tara Nelson has personally matched herself. Joining a dating program where singles are screened for your personal compatibility is way more effective than a dating app. We personalize your dating search around what works best for you. 


We all know dating isn’t going to be the same for a while. We have to be mindful of social distancing and frequent COVID testing. If you feel any symptoms, stay home. Someone who likes and is interested in dating you will 100% understand. If they don’t, then let them bite the dust because you have to put your health and the safety of others first. MTN Matchmaking is committed to ensuring that all of our singles are following CDC and Government guidelines on social/physical distancing, mask-wearing, and frequent testing. Taking these precautions now only helps us get further away from this virus in the future.


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