Finding Love through the Internet, Bars, Friends, and Co-workers. How’s that Working for Ya?


Finding Love Through The Internet

It is important to try new things; if your current search for love is coming up empty, it is time for a change. There are 4 common modes of finding love.

  1. Internet. The most unreliable method because of lack of investment ($), scam artists, fools, and downright freaks. Make sure to take precautions! Don’t have him/her pick you up at your place for the first date; meet them somewhere. It’s not worth the risk. Luckily, we all have a sense of whether the person we are talking to online is weird or not, so trust your intuition. If something is not feeling right, don’t go through with it… or take extra precautions like having a friend sit at a different table and make sure that you are safe. Always give a friend or family member a photo of the person and their information before meeting them.
  2. Bar Scene. Men here are usually clouded by toxic masculinity, and their desperation to have sex. Make sure to choose wisely, or else you could be dealing with some ‘Mike’ that thinks you should always wear a cocktail dress, stilettos, and have your hair straightened. And the very common dilemma of meeting married men at the bars and clubs doesn’t help any. In fact, it only makes it more difficult to find a single man looking for a commitment.
  3. Friends. If done incorrectly, it could be the demise of your friendships. Make sure to assign friends with like characteristics and personality. A pairing of two long-time friends could result in losing one of them, or both if your relationship is not successful. It’s best to tread lightly around these situations because taking a chance could be disastrous. Just because you love both of your friends, doesn’t mean that they’re perfect for each other. Sometimes we don’t know everything about our friends, so when your friend starts dating them, they’ll find out things you didn’t know, and will blame you. All in all, this is not a good idea.
  4. Work. Finding love in the workplace could risk your position in your career. It is wise to have a separation between business and pleasure, but we get it…sometimes you just have to. Always before going down this very dangerous road, first find out the customer service relationship guidelines of your workplace and act accordingly…at work. Workplace relationships are different than setting up friends because you likely don’t have the same type of connection with your co-workers than your real-life friends (If you do, refer to 3).

When you discover that none of these methods are an adequate mode of finding long-term love, you should call MTN Matchmaking. Maureen Tara Nelson prides herself on finding your true and compatible partner. Using her 16+ years of experience, she seeks to match you on what you are looking for, as well as what is best for you!

The truth is, according to the high divorce rate of singles marrying people that they are not compatible with, the fact is that using these methods will only get you so far. When you’re a working adult, and as you get older, it becomes harder and harder to set time aside to find love and date. When you come to MTN Matchmaking you will be freed of the responsibility of finding your love on your own personal time, leaving the expert Matchmaking to Maureen Tara Nelson.

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