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Father’s Day Discount NOW AVAILABLE



Happy Father’s Day! 



It’s almost officially Father’s Day Weekend, and we would like to take the time to thank all of our single dads at MTN Matchmaking!


Common Questions:

1. Single Moms, do you give a gift for your kids to give Dad?


Your kids will remember your gratitude when they’re old and will appreciate how you cared. Remember, regardless of being separated, divorced, or broken up, you are still sharing children, and are family.

2. Should the kids spend fathers day with their dad, even if it’s not their weekend?


Always allow your ex-husband or partner to take the kids on Father’s Day. The same goes for Mom during Mother’s Day.

3. When you’re going through a divorce as a single dad, what’s the best advice?

Make sure you and your ex are friends! Treat each other well, and always speak nicely about each other, even if you’re upset. You want your kids to know that you can be separated, and always respectful. Make sure everything is equal, always split expenses if you have the means to do so. You don’t want that stigma of a dead-beat.


Being a single parent is not easy by any means, so we would like to show our gratitude with a 20% OFF discount to any single father that signs up by the end of June 21st!




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