The Day You Turn Thirty Is the Day You Need to Start Looking for Your Future Partner


Start Looking For Your Future Partner

Your twenties are for fun. If you do not have the time of your life in your twenties or early thirties, you will regret it. Not to say you can’t have as much fun in your later years, but the time you spend in your twenties are priceless.

Youthful energy will never run out if you are optimistic, but you will be unable to do the things you wanted if you are older. Your twenties are filled with opportunities for raves, wild parties, and intimacy only relationships. Friends with benefits are good for your twenties, but also good after divorce/breakups. Use these times in your life for exploration of your self-expression.

The day you turn thirty is the day you need to start looking for your future partner, be responsible, and look to find the right person you are compatible with. You need to look for who you think you might be able to spend the rest your life with. This shouldn’t deter you from looking in your twenties, especially if you are very mature, but make sure your priorities are to have fun and live your best life.

Most people get scared when they are nearing thirty, but use this time to soak up the last of your relationship-free life and have fun. This is the time you must find your true and authentic self and find out what makes you attracted to another person. Finding out the traits that you find appealing in a partner is a good start, but make sure to go beyond those constraints or else you might end up alone. Things you could get away with doing while meeting those just looking to play the field, will not necessary be the same as when are meeting singles looking for more. The more serious the single, the more selective they will be. However, as Maureen Tara Nelson, owner of MTN Matchmaking on Long Island states, “once you turn thirty, you also need to enter into the era of “being realistic.”

It might be the worst thing, looking back on your life and being disappointed, so be proactive and make sure you are truly happy, and if you are not, find it. Not being happy with your life in your twenties will only make your thirties less than bearable. When you find yourself, run with it, because whomever you find in your thirties as a partner needs to truly know who you are and know that you love yourself.

Another piece of advice for singles in their twenties from MTN is to always life your life to the fullest.

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