Your Date is Over… How Often Do You Wonder if You Said the Right Things?


After you go on a date, how often do you wonder if you said the right things? If you handled yourself well? If they felt the same way as you? Dating can be super fun and exciting but also stressful to the point that it’s exhausting. When it comes to dating, many people are kept in the dark about what the other person is thinking or feeling. You might not have known this, but many people voluntarily do this to themselves because it is easier “not knowing†than having the possibility of facing rejection. This fear only enables walls to grow between two people which could take away amazing opportunities. Some people even get to the point that they would rather not date at all because being single is easier than being rejected. Don’t let that be you!

Here at MTN Matchmaking you will always “be in the knowâ€. There are several different programs to choose from, some of which offer dating coaching. The Dating coaches at MTN Matchmaking are there to answer any questions you may have, to help you overcome any obstacles you might be facing and of course, to eliminate any miscommunications between you and your date. Imagine being in the outside world with a mentor and a non-biased third party helping you after every date? This is exactly what it would be like if you were a member at MTN Matchmaking Inc.

It is better getting rejected and to know why, than to wonder and not know.

As Maureen Tara Nelson always says, “It is better getting rejected and to know why, than to wonder and not know.†Open your heart and let yourself love! Let the staff at MTN Matchmaking do everything else!

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