COVID19 Update: Moving Forward in Dating




MTN Matchmaking: Response to Social Distancing #AloneTogether


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MTN Matchmaking and family hope you are having a sane and structured day inside. Right now we are all about keeping the spirits up and spreading positivity! Don’t let this hindrance allow you to have a negative outlook on the future; we are going to get through this together. Here is our solution to socially distancing while dating:


We can all relate to this feeling of social isolation ever since the Coronavirus pandemic started because we are all in this together (#AloneTogether). MTN Matchmaking has come up with exciting alternative methods in dating so if you are single you can find love now. You can interview with us from the comfort of your own home via FaceTime, Zoom, or simply over the phone. We have adapted our entire dating process to include social distancing and safe-dating by using new and exciting different methods.

This can be FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and more importantly Houseparty! So what’s the appeal of Houseparty? As its name suggests, the app is essentially a virtual version of getting to know each other and playing fun games to make your first date more comfortable. This is a perfect solution to social distancing and virtually dating through MTN Matchmaking, for your first few dates. We are suggesting that you download ‘Houseparty’ for your hand-selected matches that have all passed our screening process and will already be compatible with you through us at MTN Matchmaking!


Call us today to begin the process of finding love at 516-444-2861

We are also offering our lowest prices of the year to make it very easy for all singles to be able to afford our programs.

Stay safe and be well.


Spreading love,

The MTN Matchmaking Family


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