When it Comes to Marriage, Times Have Changed


The median age for women to marry in 1990 was 23. In my own personal life, I got married in 1991 only a few days after tuning 25. From what was considered the norm then, is now completely different. The average age for marriage now is 26, which illustrates the change in priorities for women (stats on marriage). They are now more focused on their education and work, because men do not want to marry someone who isn’t successful on their own. Women also don’t want to be left without a plan B if they get a divorce.

Before 1970, women had to have permission from their husband, or head of household, to receive a credit card. Though women’s rights have come a long way and we see more women succeeding in higher positions, their status of equality is not up to par with men. Perhaps, women are not getting married as early because they need to push through the glass ceiling to ensure a bright future without a man, so in the future, they can get a man.

You must make sure to become independent in your own right

Marriage isn’t always about being together in a union. You must make sure to become independent in your own right, before you can mutually be a part of someone else’s success, or else you aren’t on a level playing field. Regardless of what age you choose to get married, compatibility is the X factor in relationships.

“Opposites do attract, that is a fact, but it is also the worst thing for you”, states Maureen Tara Nelson, owner of MTN Matchmaking, “so when I got married to my opposite, things did clash. Being compatible trumps all factors as the most important because it measures your ability to coexist as one,” Nelson adds. MTN’s mission as a Matchmaker is to spread the word about opposites in relationships and help single people meet their compatible match. Her training and experience as a Matchmaker for 16 years enables her to match up 2000+ clients based upon “three” parts of compatibility.

“My 1000+ success stories convey the importance of compatibility in successful relationships, even though some matchmakers claim that opposites make good partners,” MTN concludes. MTN Matchmaking strives to join men and women with their commonalities in order to provide the best Matchmaking service on Long Island.

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