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This April, we are celebrating our 19th year of Matchmaking at MTN Matchmaking! With 19 years of experience comes wisdom within the industry. We know the ins and outs, and the dos and don’ts of matchmaking. A big red flag is a dating service that markets themselves as salespeople. Salespeople within Matchmaking are almost never certified executive-level matchmakers like at MTN Matchmaking. We have a personality and compatibility test that has proven its worth with over 1000 success stories and marriages. We focus on Long Island and the metro-New York area but have also opened our brand-new office in Boca Raton, Florida for snowbirds with our very own certified dating coach.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is… But with 19 years of experience, we have proven that we know what we’re doing. Don’t trust other matchmakers without an in-person screening process, background checks, and unqualified self-described matchmakers. We don’t take everyone. We have a history of not qualifying potential clients because they don’t meet the required financial, emotional, and mental stability standards. Back in the early 2000s, when MTN Matchmaking was just making its presence known, a Long Island Billionaire did not make the qualification standards because of his unrealistic expectations. He was also later taken on by multiple Manhattan matchmakers and sued them all which made a juicy story… This just goes to say that not everyone, no matter how established or rich you are, is right for our program.


Make the right decision. Come to MTN Matchmaking, where you will be treated seriously about finding your soulmate.


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