Best Winter Date Ideas | MTN Matchmaking Dating Tips

Best Winter Date Ideas | MTN Matchmaking Dating Tips

Dating in the winter is certainly different than dating in the spring or summer

Dating in the winter is certainly different than dating in the spring or summer; the days are shorter now, it’s colder, the trees are dead. But we have to make the best of it. I’m not going to pretend I like the winter, because I don’t. It’s so goddamn cold out, it makes me miss the sweltering heat and humidity of July and August. Though, winter has nothing on summer, dating in the brutal cold has it’s perks. You can stay  inside! 

  1. Order in your favorite Chinese / Thai / Japanese / or Italian takeout and watch Netflix. Even better, cook yourself—haha just kidding. —Suggestion: Watch Black Mirror 

2. Work from home together. What better way is there to work than to be distracted by a cutie. Or you can just take some time to read together in a cafe, home, or bed.

3. Staying warm is important; now could be a good time to stay inside with a painting class with a twist. Wine and Painting! It’s so much fun and such an easy thing to come by on Facebook or Instagram. 

4. Okay, this one is for the creatives. 2018 has been the year of skin and makeup care. You can now go to beauty bars that customize beauty products for everyone! You also get to drink while you do it. So if you like lipstick, moisturizer, or shaving cream, there is something for everyone to play with.

5. This one is cold. Go to NYC and go to the union square holiday shopping center with all the tents. It’s mostly cash only—plan accordingly. From antiques, to beer, to coffee, to clothing, to literally anything—this outdoor shopping hub is perfect for finding the right gifts for your loved ones.


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