Before you Meet Another Man


Ladies, before you meet another man on an internet or a dating website, watch Dirty John!

I know it’s uncomfortable to ask questions so that you can do a background check when you meet someone new, but if you’re going to use the internet or dating websites, you must or else!

Your best way to find love, and to stay safe is to hire a private, upscale matchmaking service that does a felony check on all clients for you, and then meets with them personally. The beauty of paying for a service like this is that it does the vetting process for you and disqualifies singles that are just not right, or show signs of controlling behavior, narcissism, and a range of dysfunctional behaviors and personality defects.

Is that worth it to you? at MTN Matchmaking we have five different programs, depending upon what you want in a matchmaking service.

And for the record, SINGLE GUYS, I disqualify women every week as well!

At MTN Matchmaking, Inc our screening process has been the core of our mission statement for the past 21 years.

My team and I love what we do, and there is no one better in the region to help you find love than me.

Don’t just take my word for it, do some due diligence. Take a moment and check out our website and decide if you want to take on a whole new approach to finding love. Our upscale matchmaking service takes the work out of it and by working with me you increase your chances of finding someone compatible instead of randomly trying to connect with headshots on the dating apps. MTN Matchmaking is the highest level of finding love as compared to using the “regular” dating websites out there.

We are the only Long Island based certified Matchmaking service. We are also expanding and now have networks in every state and taking on clients from across the country.

If you live on Long Island or New York, we have been your premier Matchmaking service for the past 21 years, and we will continue to be. We have over 3,000 of the finest singles looking to raise the bar from Internet dating sites and meet other quality singles that are also positive and upbeat, emotionally and financially stable, and looking for a committed relationship.

Tired of the same pool of singles, filtered photos, lies, ghosting, and the other dreadful parts of trying to find love online?

Contact us now for your free consultation and meet with me personally.

- Maureen Tara Nelson.

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