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MTN Matchmaking specializes in the accommodation of single parents.

MTN Matchmaking specializes in the accommodation of single parents. MTN herself is a single parent. It’s important to comfort their needs because we know how hard it can truly be. Being a parent is extremely hard, but add being single, and it can be a real challenge. Summertime is known as being the perfect time to pick up a beau, but, for most adults in our program, fall is where it’s at.

Back to school season leaves you time to have your kids occupied while you date and find love. It might seem selfish, but don’t be discouraged; you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody else, especially your children. This means when your children are occupied with their education and after school activities, you could be dating your potential soulmate. It sounds too good to be true, and yes, it could be, in fact, you might need to get a babysitter. But, keep in mind, the darker and colder world will have you seeking physical and emotional warmth and attention. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Finding love is hard no matter what. If you have kids, it will be harder. Most single parents give up on themselves finding everlasting love, and that’s a sad thing we want to prevent. Isolating yourself will only make you more callus, dating is the perfect way to stay loose and approachable. Once we divorce, separate, or break up, suddenly, we become celibate.


You need attention just as much as your children do! At MTN Matchmaking we will work with your hectic schedule, assist you in dating coaching, and give you valuable advice for your future soulmate. Come to MTN Matchmaking, don’t settle for less.


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