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The guy I’ve been on 3 dates with wants to take it to the next level, sexually

“The guy I’ve been on 3 dates with wants to take it to the next level, sexually. But I have always been told to wait two weeks by my mother. What should I do? I don’t want to do anything any time soon.” Female, 30s, Long Island


Well…I grew up Irish catholic, with a mom that said if she ever found I had sex before marriage, she would haunt me from her grave. That being said, you should bee waiting until the time is right for you. Don’t let him pressure you into sex…that is never okay.

If you say no, then that should be it. If he goes any further, then you know he isn’t the right man for you. Always listen to yourself in these situations, it’s vital in knowing what is right and wrong. If something is telling you no, then listen to that until it says yes. Waiting is always okay, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it at all.



Maureen Tara Nelson


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