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My roommate is always around. I never have any privacy to bring my girlfriend over


“My roommate is always around. I never have any privacy to bring my girlfriend over; I tell him all the time to get out sometimes and enjoy the city, but all he ever does is lay in bed, sleep, smoke, and eat. I think it’s time for me to find a new roommate, but any suggestions until then?”

Whenever roommates don’t get along, it’s the person who is directly affected that needs to get out more. Maybe if you gave him some time alone, he can muster up the courage to go out and have fun on his own. But, in the meantime, try to establish a code or rules that allow you to know when the other one needs privacy. It’s silent and the perfect way to get the message across without creating tension and stress. Also- Ask your girlfriend to stay over her place more, if it makes a difference.





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