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My significant other and I broke up with each other after of two years

“My significant other and I broke up with each other after of two years. It’s hard but, we both were very mutual about it. We laughed, cried, and decided to stay friends. I hope we can continue to be freinds because he’s so so special to me. What’s your advice on healing and moving forward” (Female, 29)


That’s so amazing that you two can be so amicable and mature about your relationship. Not a lot of people have that maturity, discipline, and strength. I am so proud of the both of you for being such strong individuals and continue to stand tall as friends. The best steps moving forward would be to focus on yourself for a couple of weeks. Write down goals, draw, write, and express yourself, your pain, and your love. It’s important to remember the good that has come from the realtionship, and I can tell there’s a lot.


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