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Female, 30s, Long Island

“My boyfriend is absolutely disgusting in the shower and bathroom as a whole. There is hair, dirt, and grime everywhere. I don’t know what to do because every time I clean, he makes it dirty again.” (Female, 30s, Long Island)

First, you should have a talk with him about how this is unsanitary and a health hazard. You shouldn’t be spending time there in the first place, nobody wants to be around that. Some people are just dirty. We all know people who have dishes piling up, musty bathrooms, and dirty kitchens. Every person has that one person in their life. IT SHOULDN’T be your boyfriend.

Once you become acquainted with your new boo, you are bound to find out their gross, and it should send you running for the hills, because it should not be tolerated. Let them go and hopefully one day they’ll change their ways and become a functioning adult. (Of course, some people are depressed and cannot help this behavior, but I don’t know your situation in entirety so I’m just going to assume not.)

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