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I specialize in child psychology, and I notice some bad parenting in with my cousin 

“I specialize in child psychology, and I notice some bad parenting in with my cousin. I am afraid to sit down and talk with them about helathy parenting techniques and ways to reduce stess among parents, so that they will be in a better headpscae to parent. Parenting is hard, I am fully aware of that, but I don’t want to sit idly by while my family isn’t functioning properly.”


I understand your hesitation about intervening amoungst your cousin’s parenting, but you have to realize that it’s probably none of your business, and if it were truly dire, you probably would’ve intervened already. If, in your professional opinion, it’s a dire situation, then by all means intervene, but if it’s something minor, please mind your own business. New parent’s go through so much already; they have to learn to be parents in like a day and keep the ball moving forward. Hopefully, they will guide that ball in the right direction, and you don’t have to intervene.

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