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Are You Ready For Cuffing Season?!




September is often perceived as the start of Autumn. In the dating world, we call this “Cuffing Season.” 

It’s the beginning of the search of a significant other for the winter. On the outside looking in, we might view this as a superficial way to find a warm body to cuddle up with in the cold weather, but it’s a natural occurrence— we just gave it a name. Cuffing season can sometimes get a bad reputation for being selfish, but all single people do it, subconsciously or with strict intention. Regardless, we are all looking for love in some way or another— so let’s embrace this tradition! 


We have to be aware of what we are looking for. Make a list of the five most important characteristics that you desire to find in a partner. Not 10, not 20, only five… One of the biggest mistakes singles make is to try to find someone with a long list of attributes making it not only unrealistic to find but setting yourself up for failure. We have found in our program that focusing on the top five must-haves in your partner will keep you realistic and make your search much easier.  Shout them into the universe and manifest them into reality. If you wish it, it will happen one way or another, you just have to be patient and believe. 

When we envision what we want in a partner, we are subconsciously creating a filter for our search. It weeds out the characteristics we don’t want and selects for the ones we do want.   It’s pretty simple but sounds very strange at first glance. 


We are still in the midst of a pandemic. So please, be careful and take precautionary measures when you’re dating. This isn’t over yet. Even though we feel like we’re getting back into the groove of things, we still have to be cautious. This is our new normal, so we have to get used to wearing masks on the first 3 dates, keeping our distance, and avoiding direct contact. Getting a COVID test is important when dating with MTN Matchmaking. Did you see our YouTube video on Maureen Tara Nelson getting her COVID test? You will see it is much easier than you think. So please schedule it as soon as you can. It is free at CVS and Walk-in Clinics. 








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